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Brian Lamb and a local television reporter.


Brian Lamb poses with a local television reporter at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda. Geoff relocated from DC to Los Angeles…

C-SPAN "Book Team".


C-SPAN's "book team" - front: Lea Anne Long; second row: Susan Swain & Robin Scullin; third row: Carol Hellwig & Anne Bentzel.

Brian Lamb and Eddy Hartenstein.


Brian poses with DirecTV chairman and CEO Eddy Hartenstein. The bust is of Alexis de Tocqueville - C-SPAN launched a year-long series on Tocqueville…

An Interview with Ken Auletta.


Ken Auletta is interviewed as part of the Booknotes Oral History Project on 16 July 2014. Mr. Perlstein discusses his appearance on C-SPAN's Booknotes…