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C-SPAN Records #C0270


The photographs featured in this site help document authors, C-SPAN staff, events, and behind the scenes happenings pertaining to the "Booknotes" television series. They are part of the larger C-SPAN Records collection. which comprise papers and photographs which detail the activities of the C-SPAN Television Network.

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Neil Sheehan.
Neil Sheehan, author of A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam, in front of the Library of Congress. All of Mr. Sheehan's letters and research on the Vietnam War and those of John Paul Vann are housed in the Library of Congress.…

Neil Sheehan.
Neil Sheehan with boxes of archival records at the Library of Congress.

David McCullogh.
Truman biographer David McCullough in front of the vice president's office at the U.S. Senate. Mr. McCullough retraced Harry Truman's steps when, as vice president, he was alerted that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died and ran from a meeting on the…

Bill McCullough and David McCullough.
Author David McCullough (right) with his son Bill in the Hall of Columns on the House side of the U.S. Capitol.

David Halberstam.
David Halberstam at Eli Zabar's coffee shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The author said on "Booknotes" that he liked to have "a very lazy cappuccino" before he started writing for the day.

David Halberstam.
David Halberstam on the landing of a set of stairs at the New York Society Library in Manhattan.

Colin Powell.
Colin Powell signing a book for a C-SPAN staff member on the "Booknotes" set.

George Will.
George Will at work on his laptop in his Georgetown office.

Shelby Foote.
Eighty-year-old Shelby Foote at work in his Memphis home. In the upper right corner of first two photos is a portrait of Marcel Proust. "While I was taking this photo," wrote Brian Lamb, "Mr. Foote told me he has read all of Proust's works nine…

Shelby Foote.
Shelby Foote at work in his Memphis home.

Shelby Foote's writing table.
Foote wrote 1.5 million words on the Civil War with this dip pen. He described on C-SPAN how he had trouble finding steel-tip replacments for the pen and often had to bargain with the few stationery stores that still sold them.

Shelby Foote holding a handwritten, bound manuscript.
Shelby Foote holds one of the many handwritten bound manuscripts for his three-volume series on the Civil War. Mr. Foote started working on the trilogy in 1954 and continued to research and write the volumes for the next twenty years. He then…
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