In retrospect : the tragedy and lessons of Vietnam



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Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: McNamara's education, marriage, military service, career, recruitment by Kennedy. Created outstanding cabinet including: Harold Brown, Joseph Califano, John Connally, Paul Nitze, Cyrus Vance. Identifies 11 key events; Dean Rusk, McNamara failed to ask enough questions. Diem not connected to the people. Lamb underscores sections on impact of indecision of officials and McNamara's opinion of players including: Dean Rusk, President Kennedy, Max Taylor, Mac Bundy. Was Vietnam a threat to US national security? McNamara and the press. Kennedy and McNamara's thoughts on him. Kennedy intended to replace Rusk with McNamara at start of second term. Notes: "44 yrs. Old," "polio," "Red. V. Dem.," "FDR, Jr. playboy," "Arthur Sylvester," "WASH Press Corps," "In retrospect 5 "questions on Vietnam," "Diem misjudged," "Military reports were they accurate?" "Military was optimistic," "tempered military's remarks," "cable to L:odge on Diem coup," "Lodge arrogant," "we erred neutralization," "no coup at this time," "MAC Bundy, the best," "Kennedy on Vietnam," "Cuban Missile Crisis," "Coup Johnson opposed," "Question on Vietnam," "Johnson's policies to remain same as Kennedy," "Dec. meeting in Vietnam," "covert action 4 month trial period," "less than candid," "Memo on Mansfield's letter," "Soviet or Chinese ground forces," "CIA report," "Tonkin Gulf," "Lodge resigned for '64 campaign; MAC, Bobby and I volunteered." "Slide down the slippery slope p. 107-125," "CIA covert ops," "Tonkin Gulf resolutions," "Bush was right on getting approval from Congress for Iraq. Johnson was wrong," "candor in politicians," "CIA concealed decision," "rethink our position," "BNE head Kent," "MAC B and RSM memo Jan. 27, 1965," "MAC's civil war," "LBJ's lack of candor," "MAR 2 bombing kept secret Rolling Thunder." "Testimony to Congress widen credibility gap," "LBJ did not inform Congress," "Jun 26, 1966 I recommended 175,000 troops," "All advised committing whatever troops necessary," "Voting Rights Act," "country would be in flames today," "Pres & I must share the blame," "1965 I did not force the issue," "Bombing wouldn't end war," "Military swayed Pres. and Congress." On half-title: To an extraordinarily astute journalist, Robert S. McNamara."


McNamara, Robert S, “In retrospect : the tragedy and lessons of Vietnam,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed January 25, 2022,


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In retrospect : the tragedy and lessons of Vietnam


McNamara, Robert S


Program air date: April 23, 1995


Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, McNamara analyzes the Vietnam War and his role in it.


"Vietnam War, 1961-1975--United States."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


Times Books
George Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives


VanDeMark, Brian


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