Joseph McCarthy : reexamining the life and legacy of America's most hated senator



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Notes on front endpapers and fly sheets: Grave in Appleton, WI. Shanty Irish. Relation to Kennedys. Joe vs. LBJ. Censured in 1954. Voted for FDR 4 X's. Wife Jean Kerr-20 yrs younger. Fulbright vs. McCarthy. Race and anti-Communism. PSI-Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. William F. Buckley--National Review; Brent Bozell wrote conscious of a conservative. Appendix-hypomania, alcoholic and compulsive gambler, Annie Lee Moss. Died 1957 (May 2) Senate funeral--buried in Appleton; RFK attended burial. B. Nov. 14, 1908. Owen Lattimore--most famous of victims. Jan 4, 11a.m. 1946-1908=38. Elizabeth Bentley, Louis Budenz, Lauchlin Currie. Marries--claimed 32 missions only flew 7-tail gunner Joe. Censure-only 3 in History-no TV 67-22 44 Dems, 22 Rep, JFK in hospital; Dec 2 in Senate, Brent Bozell-Pat Buckley's husband wrote speech; Edward B. Williams lawyer. McCarthy and the Press--Drew Pearson-law suit/slaps groin. Paul Hughes-sold fraud to Wash. Post, Clayton Fritchey DNC. June 14, 1951--McCarthy speech blasting George Marshall "a turning point." McCarthy was receiving 25,000 letters a day. Korean War, Robert Taft, Doug MacArthur, "Wise Men"-Acheson, Bohlen, Kennan, Forrestal, Millard Tydings defeated mid term elections 50; McCarran Act. Margaret Chase Smith's Declaration of Conscience Speech. What was the review Loyalty Board. Urban Van Susteren-a friend-quoted a lot. Tom Coleman-Mc had a Christ complex. Insider stock tips, 10,000-Lustion. Clint Muchison, H.J. Hunt. Roy Cohen-26, RFK-27; David Schine-25. Who was the "Clearing House." Roy Cohen, James Forrestal, Dean Achinson, Karl Mundt, Richard Nixon, John Stewart Service, 1st name, Michael Straight. Jan 1950-Hiss convicted of perjury-5 years in prison. When did McCarthy begin looking for communists? Lincoln's B-Day-Wheeling, W.V. Feb 9, 1950. Ed Nellor-Wash. Time/ 205 or 57 communists in State Dept p 99. By end of war 350 Soviet secret agents working in U.S. Venona-Arlington Hall--turned up 200 active Soviet agents. John Stewart Service, Harlow Shapley, Gustavo Duncan, Philip and Mary Jane Keeney. Feb 20, 1950 Senate speech 6 hours p 113. 81 examples. Tydings hearing-open-televised-first witness Dorthy Kenyon. Owen Lattimore-Fortas his lawyer-named in executive session by McCarthy p 120. Louis Budenz-Fordham testified against, had info leaked about his 3 children out of wedlock. Lachlin Currie's friendship w/ Lattimore. Philip Jessup. In 45-37 partisan vote-final report. 1952 William Benton. Book-McCarthy and the Fight for America written by Jean Kerr-Ruth and J.B. Matthews. How often from your point of view were the press and Democrats hypocrites? Asst. Sec. of State Adolph Berle-1939 meeting with Chambers [Whittaker Chambers] about 30 secret agents in State including Hiss Brothers totally dismissed by FDR, Acheson and Frankfurter. Sacco/Vanzetti-1921 innocent victims of class-biased judicial system. Popular Front, Fellow Traveler, League for Peace. P 238 Army-Ft. Monmouth-Sec Army Robert Stevens. Schine drafted. Robert Oppenheimer, his sister-in-law and brother-communist. Brownell announces Harry Dexter White a communist. Senator Charles Potter R. CBS's See it Now-Murrow. March 16, 1954-Exec Comm. p 255-published for 1st Time here. TV agreed on-Ray Jenkins counsel to investigate McCarthy. April 22 Television-its over powering superficiality- p 260. Joseph Welch--accompanied by Pentagon Generals. Karl Mundt- Ch. They doctored photo of Ft. Dix meeting. Testimony of John Adams. Executive privilege-Ike invokes of 1st time. Colin's appearance on stand "Disaster." Mc-unfavorable rating 49% support 35% Ralph Flanders nastiest speech on center floor. Fred Fisher-accused of being in Lawyer's Guild-Communists. Joe Welch-Have you no sense of decency p 276. Welch's performance "eyeing" was a sham hearings--June 17/36 days/9 to 12 hours. Bill Jenner, Bill Rusher--worked for committee. Tony Lewis. Lamb checked some of the book sections on the Contents pages. Notes/Underlinings add detail on McCarthy's background, education, career, beliefs and the people, fabrications/exaggerations, and incidents highlighted in Lamb's notes in the front/back matter.


Herman, Arthur, “Joseph McCarthy : reexamining the life and legacy of America's most hated senator,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed January 25, 2022,


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Joseph McCarthy : reexamining the life and legacy of America's most hated senator


Herman, Arthur


Program Air Date: February 6, 2000.


Herman’s work reconsiders the career of Senator McCarthy, particularly with respect to his investigations of suspected domestic spies for the Soviet Union. Herman explains that a new understanding this issue has been gained from sources such as the Venona intercepts (which began to be made available in 1995). This information shows that McCarthy, though often harsh, inappropriate, and prone to exaggeration, might have been on the right track in terms of his suspicions of some Americans’ loyalties during the period.


"McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957."
"United States. Congress. Senate--Biography."
"Legislators--United States--Biography."
"Anti-communist movements--United States--History--20th century."
"Internal security--United States--History--20th century."


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