Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden.



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Notes from front endpapers: "How many times to Afghanistan? - What is a jihad? - Bayat - an oath of fealty. - Afghan Arabs. - 1. Hijack American planes. 2. Kidnap Western tourists in Yemen. 3. Kill tourists in Luxor. 4. Foment terrorism in Philippines. 5. Bomb 2 embassies in Africa. 6. Blow up American military post in Saudi. 7. Train Somalis who might have killed Americans. 8. Tear Algeria apart in brutal civil war. -- '83 documentary Afghan refugees into Pak. - Book finished Aug. 2001. - When was oil discovered / Americans in Saudi? - The Koran - what is it for B.L.? - Iraqi kids dying because of sanctions. - A fatwa. - Women soldiers brought in. Why? - Osama's share of father's wealth $35 million. Does family still provide him with money? - Koran prohibits earning interest. - Dubai Islamic Bank. - Kavala system - interlocking money changers. - Peter B. - had contact with ATEF in '98. - How did Bin L. get 19 men to martyr themselves - no one leaked a word. - Chap. 1: Al-Qaeda videotape - widely dist. on internet. - B.L. declared war on U.S. in 1996. - 1997: Kenyan bombing. - A lot of garbage has been written about B.L. - Jane's - degree from U.S. university - didn't happen, p. 31. - CIA funded him in Afghan war - not. - Yossef Bodansky - a lot of wrong assertions, p. 33. - Musharaf: OBL is a hero because of Muslims hatred for the West, p. 34. - Ramzi Yousef - 11 airplanes - British born. - Can access Al-Qaeda tape on web, azzam.com. - Peter B. met with Massoud in 1993." -- Notes from front flyleaf: Chap. 5: B.L. arived in A. in 1996. - Feb. 22, 1998: text of charges against West, p. 95. - Chap. 2: OBL born 1957 (Yemen) in Riyadh. - 1931: Mohammad founded a construction co. - Osama means 'young lion'. - Mother, a Syrian. Father died in plane crash when he was 10. - Faisal; Adnan Khashogghi; Dodi Fayed. - OBL family business; built base in Saudi for U.S. soldiers for $150 mill., p. 46; renovates holy mosques in Mecca and Medina. - 1997: Shah overthrown; Israel and Egypt sign pact; Grand Mosque taken over; Soviets invade Afghanistan. - Abdullah Azzam - born in Pakistan - went to al-Azhar in Cairo at same time as Sheikh Rahman. - Wahhabi [Islam] - near and dear OML's heart. - Americans and Saudis spent $10 bill. on Soviet war in Afghanistan. - Afghan jihad played a significant role for Islamists around the world. - 1986: OBL moved to Peshawar permanently. - 1991: OBL suffered low blood pressure and diabetes. - 1989: OBL founded Al-Qaeda which merged with Ayman al-Zawahiri's jihad group." -- Notes from p.[v]: Chap. 3: OBL "never had any relationship with the U.S". - Soviet War; 1979-1989. - Milt Beardan - CIA had limited dealings with Afghan Arabs. - Rahman given a visa 1989 and multiple entries in 1990 - at least one issued by a CIA officer. - U.S.: $3 bill. to Afghans through Pakistan who decided how money was spent, p. 68. - 1993: P.B. met with Massoud. - The Stinger missiles - U.S. provided them in 1986 - what impact?" -- Notes from back flyleaf and back endpapers: "Chap. 7: Ali Mohamed - born in Egypt 1952; in Egyptian Army '71-'84; came to U.S. in '84, married American, enlisted in U.S. Army; deeply held Islamic views; honorably discharged in '89; lived in Santa Clara, CA; tried to work for govt.; worked for Al-Qaeda - arrested in U.S. 1998. - Unidentified are several African American members of Al-Qaeda. - Chap. 6: Embassy bombings. - American cruise missile attacks on Sudan; turned OBL into international figure. -- Al-Zawahiri - quiet, intelligent, converted B.L. to a Holy Warrior. - 1999: I was in Kabul - CNN producer told me to get to Kandahar - Indian airliner highjacked - 24 hour cab ride (16 hr. ride by cleric cum taxi driver). - Chap. 9: Cole: Oct. 12, 2000, Yemen (my trip 6 weeks after Cole); killed 17 sailors, inj. 39. - Last war in Y. 1994: 65 million weapons for 18 mill. people; qat - a chew, creates a high. - B.L. financed a training center in the South. - 1992: two bombs outside hotels in Aden - 100 American service men present, no Americans killed (Am. military in support of Somalia effort). - Americans were warned by Kenyan bomber of Yemen bombing two yrs. in advance; the Jan. 3, 2000 first attempt against USS Sullivan failed; $250 million in damages - Gen. Zinni not clear what B.L.'s role was. - Chap. 10: Ahmed Ressam - Dec. 1999 - arrested. - Cosmocrats - globalization. - B.L.'s sat phone $7500 purchased in 1996 from a New York based company. - Egypt - a principal country. - 1993: attempt to assassinate E.'s Prime Minister Yasser al-Sini, late 30's, p. 200. - Egyptian jihad: Sayyid Qutb - leading ideologue - executed 1966; Egyptian officials, he said, were infidels. - Ayman al-Zawahiri - 1973 - a med. student; 1981 assassinated Sadat, got 3 years in prison. - Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman - acquitted because of torture. - It is nationalism vs. the theory of the clash of civilizations. - B. Laden against conservative Saudi Arabian leadership. - The assassins: 11th and 12th century terrorists. - B.L. stopped using sat phones in 1997 - uses radio broadcasts or in person. - CIA has no Arabic spies in Al-Qaeda. - What happened to Stinger Missiles? - Weapons of mass destruction, p. 231. - Death of OBL would be a "severe blow" to Al-Qaeda.- Eliminate Afghan training camps. - Constant bombing and change of leadership in Afghanistan will make a big difference. - Chap. 8: Madrassas. - Women's rights - to stay in their homes. - Taliban reminds me of Khmer Rouge. - Qari: means you had memorized the entire Koran. - Mullah Omar; Dr. Abdullah; B. Laden allowed 4 wives under Islamic law; she is Yemeni. - Counted 4 training camps in Afghan. - P.B. in Afghan. in Dec. 1999. - Trip in 1993: visited closed U.S. embassy. - Yemen, Dec. 2000 - six weeks after Cole. - Wadi Doan - Bin Laden's father's village." -- Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book.


Bergen, Peter L, “Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed January 25, 2022, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/735.


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Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden.


Bergen, Peter L


Program air date: December 16, 2001


Author Peter Bergen's work on the nature of radical Islamist jihad networks.


"Bin Laden, Osama, 1957-2011"
"Terrorism--Religious aspects--Islam."
"Terrorism--Government policy--United States."


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