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Edmund Morris poses with the Ronald Reagan research cards he keeps in his desk at home on Capitol Hill. He used these cards when writing his book "Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan."

President George Bush, C-SPAN staffer Carol Hellwig, and Brent Scowcroft in C-SPAN's Booknotes studio.

Robert Caro in his office on West 57th Street in Manhattan. On his desk is a Smith Corona typewriter that is no longer manufactured. He has seventeen of them which he uses for spare parts.

Monica Crowley at the former Nixon home in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. President Nixon lived here for ten years. Ms. Crowley's second book on Nixon was published in 1998.

Edmund Morris stands in front of a painted profile of President Ronald Reagan which hangs on the wall of his Capitol Hill townhouse. The painting is by Tom Bostelle. Morris wrote Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan.

President Bill Clinton signs a copy of his book Between Hope and History after his Booknotes interview in the White House map room.

Brian Lamb interviews President Bill Clinton for "Booknotes" in the White House map room.

"In December 1996," Brian wrote, "we took ("Booknotes") to the White House map room to interview President Clinton about his book Between Hope and History. The president is pictured here with C-SPAN books producer Robin Scullin on the right and…

Biographer Joseph Ellis surveys the marginalia of President John Adams at the Boston Public Library. He described Adams' informal notes as "in some ways, the most revealing statements of his political philosophy."

George Washington biographer Richard Norton Smith stands before the tomb of the first president at Washington's Virginia home in Mount Vernon. Smith explained on "Booknotes" that he has visited the grave of every former president. "Intrigued by…

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev explaining something to Brian Lamb minutes before they started taping their "Booknotes" interview. Gorbachev spoke only Russian, but Brian had a simultaneous translation coming into his earpiece.

Former President, Richard M. Nixon writing in the Lincoln sitting room at the White House. Nixon told "Booknotes" host Brian Lamb that he liked to write in that room when he was president.
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