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Stanley Crouch writes in his apartment on West 11th Street in Greenwich Village. An avid jazz lover, Mr. Crouch surrounds himself when he works with the music and photos of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong.

The view of New York City's Harlem neighborhood from Albert Murray's window.

Albert Murray in his Harlem apartment with his yellow legal pads and the music cassettes he listened to as he wrote. It was here that Mr. Murray wrote nine books starting in 1962.
The intense relationship between the American people and their surroundings has been the source of a rich artistic tradition. American Visions is a consistently revealing demonstration of the many ways in which artists have expressed this pervasive…

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An exploration of the blues aesthetic in writing, music, and art, as "stylized expressions of transcendence through sheer style, always informed by an awareness of the vicissitudes of life."

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