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A study of the complex and political figure of Eleanor Roosevelt begins with her harrowing childhood, describes the difficulties of her marriage, and explains how she persuaded Franklin to make the reforms that would make him famous.
Traces the career of the congressman from Harlem who became an early spokesman for civil rights but ended his career in political disgrace.
Walter Isaacson's biographical work on former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.
In this candid, eagerly awaited autobiography General H. Norman Schwarzkopf reveals the story of his remarkable life and career. Here is the story of his boyhood years during World War II and a unique adolescence spent in the Middle East and Europe…
Steven L. Carter's work on racial preference as told from his own personal experience.
Volume one of a two-volume biography follows Johnson's life from his childhood on the banks of the Pedernales to his election as vice president under Kennedy.
More than a year and a half after the dramatic confrontation between Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, opinions remain sharply divided on which one was telling the truth, and on the episode's significance and meaning for American society.Opinion polls…
Profiles the 1960s endeavors of dedicated civil rights activist Hamer. Awards: Christopher.
Using new material, the author re-creates Houston as a frontiersman, soldier, and politician, plus his tumultuous personal life.
When George Washington agreed to take on the presidency of his new nation, he inspired gratitude and adulation on a scale almost impossible to imagine today. In the years that followed, he would need every ounce of his countrymen's affection as he…
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