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C-SPAN's "book team" - front: Lea Anne Long; second row: Susan Swain & Robin Scullin; third row: Carol Hellwig & Anne Bentzel.

Nadine Cohodas in C-SPAN's studio control room. On screen is Senator Strom Thurmond presiding over the Senate.

Photo shoot and interview with Brian Lamb for Broadcasting and Cable magazine on the 1st "Booknotes" book. Editor Don West is on the far left (in the back of Brian's office), with photographer Dennis Brack holding the camera. The man on the right is…

Professor Doug Brinkley. who wrote the book titled Majic Bus: An American Odyssey, stands next to a C-Span bus in 1996. "Booknotes" host and C-Span President, Brian Lamb was so inspired by Brinkley's description of his bus that C-SPAN decided to get…

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev explaining something to Brian Lamb minutes before they started taping their "Booknotes" interview. Gorbachev spoke only Russian, but Brian had a simultaneous translation coming into his earpiece.

General Norman Schwarzkopf on the "Booknotes" set visiting with (from left) Mem Considine, Brian Lamb's aunt Eileen O'Gara, and Bobbsie Ross, all from the Northern Chicago suburbs.
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