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Recollections of the former West German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt.
Carry the South, control the White House. What the Democratic Party could once take for granted--a region so vast and unified that its vote in presidential elections is nothing short of decisive--Republicans now claim as their own. The first book to…
Cramer tells the life stories of the principal primary candidates, including Bush, Dole, Biden, Dukakis, and Gary Hart.
Paul Brace's account of how presidents, from Truman to Bush, have been shaped by changes in opinion polls.
Good fortune offered this nation an unusual chance at ideal nation-forming and... some honorable leaders seized that chance, writes William Lee Miller in The Business of May Next, and none among the founders made more of the opportunity than did…
As the presidential campaign of 1992 began, the television networks approached it with dread. The media honchos assumed the public had turned off to politics, George Bush was a shoo-in, and they would earn only blame for whatever they did. They…
David Frum's work on the conservative movement during the Reagan-Bush years.
Lowenstein became famous for the "dump Johnson" movement in 1968, Robert Kennedy's campaign for the presidential nomination and for being on Nixon's infamous "enemies list."
Eleanor Clift and Tom Brazatis' book on the everyday work of politicians.
Fact: The Christian Coalition's 1994 voter guides appear to have been skewed to favor Republican candidates in key congressional races across the country, in direct contravention of federal election law. The truth is, the politicians couldn't be…
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