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A Problem from Hell is a path-breaking interrogation of the last century of American history. Samantha Power poses a question that haunts our nation's past: Why do American leaders who vow "never again" repeatedly fail to marshal the will and the…
Publisher's description: The remarkable story of the land purchase that doubled the size of our young nation, set the stage for its expansion across the continent, and confronted Americans with new challenges of ethnic and religious diversity. In a…
A history of the presidential campaign of 1800 follows the contest between the two candidates, Adams and Jefferson.
An account by Brian Kelly describing wasteful spending in the United States government.

The United States is being engulfed by the greatest wave of immigration it has ever faced. The latest immigrants are different from those who came before. These newcomers are less educated, less skilled, more prone to trouble with the law, less…

Narrates the presidential election of 1800 and its impact on American history, drawing in elements such as the friendship between Adams and Jefferson, the beginnings of government under the Constitution, and partisan warfare.
An Even Better Place is more than just a collection of good, common-sense ideas about what's right and what's wrong. It's a powerful, provocative statement, Gephardt's first ever, about what our priorities must be if we are to be able to get our…

Amity Shlaes is interviewed as part of the Booknotes Oral History Project on 6 March 2015. Ms. Shlaes discusses her appearance on C-SPAN's Booknotes program on 11 April 1999, where she discussed her book "The Greedy Hand".
Economist Dr. Judith Shelton is interviewed as part of the Booknotes Oral History Project on 11 June 2014. Dr. Shelton discusses her appearance on C-SPAN's Booknotes program on 9 April 1989, where she discussed her book "The Coming Soviet Crash."
No reporter has done more than Bill Gertz to expose the threat the Clinton administration poses to American national security. Now, using his unrivaled access to confidential documents and sources at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White…
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