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Examining the actual impact of economic globalization in every region of the world, from Africa and Asia to Russia and Latin America, Chua exposes an unexpected reality. In every one of these regions, free markets have concentrated disproportionate,…

William Chafe wrote his biography of the late congressman Al Lowenstein (D-NY) overlooking Harmon's Harbor in Georgetown, Maine.

Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York, examines President Abraham Lincoln's words, speeches, and writings and how they pertain to twenty-first century issues.
A reflection on courage presents a collection of stories of surpassing bravery and selfless devotion to duty and offers portraits of individuals--both famous and unheralded--who confronted adversity and triumphed.
Biography of President Warren G. Harding by John Dean.
Sixteen-year-old Richard Pipes escaped from Nazi-occupied Warsaw with his family in October 1939. Their flight took them to the United States by way of Italy, and Pipes went on to earn a college degree, join the U.S. Air Corps, serve as professor of…
Richard Holbrooke's account of the negotiations to end the Balkan War.
The Pulitizer Prize-winning historian offers a series of profiles of the characteristics, achievements, political philosophy, influence, and ambiguities of some of the most important figures of the Revolutionary generation.
The towering figure of the postwar Democratic Party, Thomas Tip" O'Neill was one of the last of the great political warhorses, a man who cared as much about his family and friends as he did about the issues, someone who knew how to have a good time…
In the tradition of Bill Bryson, a fascinating and frequently hilarious look at extremists around the globe, and the conspiracy theory that unites them. Journalist Jon Ronson, the mild-mannered but ironic observer, learns some alarming things about…
In this expose, a veteran Senate defense adviser argues that since September 11, 2001, the conduct of the U.S. Congress has sunk to new depths and endangered the nation's security. Winslow T. Wheeler draws on three decades of work with four prominent…
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