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Ken Auletta coments on the decline of the major television networks particularly in the field of journalism.

Katharine Graham in her Georgetown home where she wrote her Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography, Personal History.

James Tobin at the Ernie Pyle exhibit at the Newseum in Rosslyn, Virginia.

Katharine Graham at her desk in her Georgetown home where she wrote her Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiography, Personal History.
A history of the Music Corporation of America traces the entertainment giant from its founding in 1924, through its rise to become the most powerful force in the film world under the visionary leadership of Lew Wasserman.
The author attacks American liberals as naive and disingenuous in their dealings with the world, accusing them of rewriting history to portray themselves as "Cold Warriors" along with conservatives.
Examines the shaping of political discourse in the United States as it has become increasingly hostile and more trivial, describing how the media's liberal bias has villianized the conservative right and obscured the true issues.
The Five Myths of Television Power is a provocative and controversial book. It challenges the conventional assumption, repeated every day, that television dominates American life - if not the life of the entire world. Douglas Davis takes on this…
Robert J. Donnoan comments on the impact television news has had on politics, current events and the print media.
Leonard Downie, Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser - both reporters and editors at the Washington Post for nearly four decades - take us inside the American news media to reveal why the journalism we watch and read is so often so bad, and to explain what can…
Jason Epstein has led arguably the most creative career in book publishing during the past half-century. In 1952, while a young editor at Doubleday, he created Anchor Books, which launched the so-called quality paperback revolution and established…
The White House spokesman for both President Reagan and President Bush presents his memoirs along with an account of the power of the press and its influence on the presidency in setting the national agenda.
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