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On the basis of 1,400 oral histories from the men who were there, Eisenhower biographer and World War II historian Stephen E. Ambrose reveals for the first time anywhere that the intricate plan for the invasion of France in June 1944, had to be…
A fully documented history of the Soviet camp system, from its origins in the Russian Revolution to its collapse in the era of glasnost. Anne Applebaum first lays out the chronological history of the camps and the logic behind their creation,…
Peter Arnett is undeniably the dean of his generation's war correspondents, a breed apart. Daring, wily, willing to put himself at enormous risk for a story. Arnett is a thinking man and a man of action. From his youth in New Zealand in the 1940s,…
The Pulitizer Prize-winning historian offers a series of profiles of the characteristics, achievements, political philosophy, influence, and ambiguities of some of the most important figures of the Revolutionary generation.
This scrupulously documented account of the NSA's tireless hunt for intelligence dissects an organization that monitors enemies and allies alike--a leviathan whose influence has both prevented and provoked world conflict. Relying on testimony and…
For more than a century, Americans have been captivated by the legend of General George Armstrong Custer. Since the end of the long afternoon of June 25, 1876, when his small band of 267 men faced some 3,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors in a remote…
Thomas Barnett's study of American military strategy in the 21st century.
Looks at the life and career of Olga Chekhova, the niece of playwright Anton Chekhov, who fled Russia for Berlin in 1920, achieved fame as an actress and a position in Germany's Nazi party, and may have been an agent for the Soviet NKVD.
Author Peter Bergen's work on the nature of radical Islamist jihad networks.
A biography of the Japanese emperor reveals a powerful man who successfully cultivated an image of a reluctant king while manipulating important events behind the scenes for five decades.

Carol Reardon, a Civil War author and professor at Penn State, sits on the wall that Confederate soldiers unsuccessfully attempted to take in Pickett's Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

John S.D. Eisenhower stands next to a bust of General Winfield Scott on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.
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