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Andrew and Leslie Cockburn's study of the intelligence relationship between the United States and Israel.
In this candid, eagerly awaited autobiography General H. Norman Schwarzkopf reveals the story of his remarkable life and career. Here is the story of his boyhood years during World War II and a unique adolescence spent in the Middle East and Europe…
During the Gulf War, most journalists were confined to media pools. But not Molly Moore, the senior military correspondent of The Washington Post. Moore was the only reporter to accompany a senior commanding general as he led his troops into battle…
A portrait of one of the greatest military commanders of all time--from his early days as a resistance fighter against the Japanese through the brilliant campaigns against the French and Americans that established his reputation.
Examines the place of warfare in human culture and the human impulse toward violence.
A war correspondent recounts his thirty years of experience in the field covering stories all over the globe, from Cuba and Argentina to Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.
Peter Arnett is undeniably the dean of his generation's war correspondents, a breed apart. Daring, wily, willing to put himself at enormous risk for a story. Arnett is a thinking man and a man of action. From his youth in New Zealand in the 1940s,…
Recreates the Battle of Gettysburg from both the Confederate and Union perspectives.
Professor Kagan reveals the common threads that connect the ancient confrontations between Athens and Sparta and between Rome and Carthage with the two calamitous world wars of our own century.
Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, McNamara analyzes the Vietnam War and his role in it.
Describes the efforts to seize the island of Okinawa, a decisive battle for the U.S. military that led to the final victory over Japan.
The life of Robert E. Lee is a story of triumph - triumph in clearing his family name, triumph in marrying properly, triumph over the mighty Mississippi in his work as an engineer, and triumph over all other military men to become the towering figure…
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