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Colin Powell signing a book for a C-SPAN staff member on the "Booknotes" set.

Amity Shlaes is interviewed as part of the Booknotes Oral History Project on 6 March 2015. Ms. Shlaes discusses her appearance on C-SPAN's Booknotes program on 11 April 1999, where she discussed her book "The Greedy Hand".
An account of how racial classifications are created and perpetuated and how they resonate through the social, psychological, spiritual and economic life of this nation.--cover.
Michelle Malkin argues that America's border policies welcome criminals, terrorists, and other "undesirables," leading to an abuse of the system and other disastrous effects.
Traces the roots of modern liberal ideas to the moral and spiritual foundations of America and suggests that liberalism is the right approach to guide America in the future.
A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the presidential campaign of one of America's most effective social critics details what it takes to fight the two-party juggernaut.
A Harvard Law School professor examines the impact that Brown v. Board of Education has had on his family, citing historical figures, while revealing how the reforms promised by the case were systematically undermined.
Drawing on a wealth of information, much of it never revealed before, PC, M.D. documents for the first time what happens when the tenets of political correctness - including victimology, multiculturalism and the rejection of fixed truths and…
A look into the taxes we pay, what they are for and how to change the laws effectively for our benefit.
Alvin Toffler's work on the "Knowledge Revolution" in which he describes the effects of the Information Age.
On an icy night five years ago, Johnnie Jordan - just fourteen years old - brutally murdered his elderly foster care mother, leaving the state of Ohio shocked and outraged. He could not tell police why he did it or even how it made him feel; all he…
In this expose, a veteran Senate defense adviser argues that since September 11, 2001, the conduct of the U.S. Congress has sunk to new depths and endangered the nation's security. Winslow T. Wheeler draws on three decades of work with four prominent…
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