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The wife of Ronald Reagan's former press secretary describes life with her husband before and after he was shot by John Hinckley, the circumstances that led her to become a gun control activist, and her own battle with lung cancer.
A Harvard Law School professor examines the impact that Brown v. Board of Education has had on his family, citing historical figures, while revealing how the reforms promised by the case were systematically undermined.

Amity Shlaes is interviewed as part of the Booknotes Oral History Project on 6 March 2015. Ms. Shlaes discusses her appearance on C-SPAN's Booknotes program on 11 April 1999, where she discussed her book "The Greedy Hand".

Colin Powell signing a book for a C-SPAN staff member on the "Booknotes" set.
A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the presidential campaign of one of America's most effective social critics details what it takes to fight the two-party juggernaut.
Alvin Toffler's work on the "Knowledge Revolution" in which he describes the effects of the Information Age.
A story of the author's life and his struggles with "America's racial divide." As a member of the University of California Board of Regents, the author was drawn into the controversy surrounding affirmative action and "finally concluded ... that this…
Account of the inner workings of Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas.
Presents an exploration of nepotism, the favored treatment of one's relatives, arguing that the practice has its roots in human biological behavior and that it represents the bonds of human society and the transmission of family legacies.
Michelle Malkin argues that America's border policies welcome criminals, terrorists, and other "undesirables," leading to an abuse of the system and other disastrous effects.
Details the concept of Libertarianism.
Neoconservatism is the movement that has provided the intellectual foundation for the resurgence of American conservatism in our time. And if neoconservatism can be said to have a father or an architect, that person is Irving Kristol. Neoconservatism…
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