The unfinished nation : a concise history of the American people



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Underlinings/notes: As US becomes more divers, historians revealing a more complex view of country's past. US created a mass popular culture for the American people and for the rest of the world. Book=newer story. Title--Unfinished nation--reminder of nation's diversity, centrality of change in history, continual transformation. Slavery, from white racism? Increase in slaves was response to demand for more labor. American Revolution--political/intellectual event or social/economic phenomenon? Historians of 1950s--shared political principles; 1960s revolutionary crowds likely to attack all symbols of wealth/power. Constitution--5 states sent delegates to Annapolis. 55 men attended convention--average age 44. Schlesinger--Jacksonian Democracy--control Eastern capitalist groups for benefit of non-capitalist groups, farmers, laboring men in East, West, South. Dred Scott--Missouri slave. Defeat for ant-slavery forces, affirmation of South's argument that Constitution guaranteed existence of slavery. Taney--blacks no rights. Lincoln--blacks not prepared to live on equal terms with whites. Causes of Civil War--conflict work of agitators, inherent antagonisms between planters/industrialist, blundering generation of political leaders, partisan ambitions of politicians who used sectional rivalries to advance their own aims. Foner on Reconstruction: failed as effort to secure black's rights as citizens/free laborers. Progressives--movement by the people to curb power of special interests. Progressive era--decline in political parties/rise of interest groups working for particular social/economic goals. 1980 revised liberal view--New Deal significant reform effort. Cold War. Vietnam.


Brinkley, Alan, “The unfinished nation : a concise history of the American people,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 3, 2022,


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The unfinished nation : a concise history of the American people


Brinkley, Alan


Program air date: October 10, 1993.


An historical work which details the diversity of the American people.


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