Makes me wanna holler : a young Black man in America



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Notes on front endpapers: White poot-butt dude, head scratching niggers, slap-box. Danny Baum, p. 333. Psuedoliberals. Milton Coleman, Bill Kovich. Tom Lippman. Boy, hate, joinin, pimped, waves-hair, 7-11 stealing, left home-stolen car, trains-gray broad-dark skin, Denise-Plaz, hated whites, 58, guns-power-Scobe shot a guy at age 15, rolllers, white folks--shot at house p, 78, 1971 16 years-old-white kids jobs p. 85, Superfly-p.98-Kennedys, Liz Miller--Red Bones Mr. and Mrs. Manor-pregnant, Plaz--1974 shooting 30 days, Slam baby Monroe for crying, Robert D. Hall-scam-MacDonald, Native sson--Richard Wright, Malcolm X biography, Kipling "If", Karl Marx, Bampoose, Jennie, Dwight, Bryan, Billy, Scobie-O, Shell Shock, Shane, Cooder, Kenny Banks, Whiskey Bottle, Turkey Bottle, Bimbo, Nutbrain, Charlie Gregg, Mo Battle, Joe Ham, Bonaparte, Feetball, Mania, Joe Burns, Pearly Blue, Tony Rome, Jelly Bean, Stanley. 1976-Alex Haley, Roots published. Adopted a journal. Liz left me. Pauline in prison. Yvette. Notes on half-title: Jim-Southhampton p. 196--white guys and the truth. 1977 St. Brides, Dr. Na'im Akbar--National Psychology and Human Transformation, p. 211--corrupt President--Woodward, Feb. 3, 1978-out of prison--looking for work, Norfolk State p. 231--black university, p. 236 white people superior, Yvette--married 1979-Muslim-, 1981-divorced--graduated with honors, Louisville Courrier--no job-excon, Virginia Pilot-1981-party-button down white folks, Atlanta Constitution-1983 Georgia-Klan-Watermelon contest, hated cops. Washington Post-1st call 1987-job 1989, p. 258 Journalists have opinions about everything, J.L.--NY real father--hadn't seen since 1982. Debbie--Ian son (1983) (Later I moved out) Des 84 pregnant again, Maya-1985, Married June 86, divorce 1988, Atlanta--Bass Weejuns--Hosea Williams, Tom Lippman.Underlinings/notes: The notes in the front matter reflect Lamb's heavy underlinings in this book and notes highlight the underlinings.


McCall, Nathan, “Makes me wanna holler : a young Black man in America,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 6, 2022,


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Makes me wanna holler : a young Black man in America


McCall, Nathan


Program air date: March 6, 1994.


Examining the complexities of the problems of black youths from an insider's perspective, an African-American journalist recalls his own troubled childhood, his rehabilitation while in prison, and his successful Washington Post career. Reprint. 150,000 first printing. The author remembers his journey from a working class African American neighborhood to prison to a prestigious position on the Washington Post.


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