The death of common sense : how law is suffocating America



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Notes on front endpaper: Why Glen-Gery brick factory of Reading, PA. Father-minister in Appalachia. New York portable toilets--p 115. Due process. Gregory Soles-Rhode Is. 1986 accident p. 150. Civil Rights Act 1964 p. 143. Average cost of research of a new drug-230 million, 2/3 goes to FDA requirements. Discrimination claims up 2200% since 1969. Back endpaper: Charles Evans Hughes, Chief Justice-1920s. William Brennan. Earl Warren-1972. Benjamin Cardoza--greatest common law judge of century 1920. Felix Frankfurter. Antonin Scalia. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.-1881-Harvard Law professor. Woodrow Wilson. Daniel Webster. Jim Landis-chairman SEC 1937. James Madison. Charles Reich-Yale 1964 article p 124. Vaclev Havel-Czech. Max Weber-German sociologist (1900). Frederick Hayek-Austria. Tocqueville-p118. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Lamb underscores numerous examples of codes/regulations that have needlessly penalized businesses/organizations. Government makes decisions without reason. Suggestion that government is too large. Notes: "Mother Teresa," "elevator," "the Law," "Children's art on wall," "William Brennan," "rules that are precise," "use of judgment," "1970 OSHA," "Great wisdom," "safe hammer," "words of the law," "Federal statutes 100 million words," "Europe," "Dutch Noteboom," "MSDS forms," "Jane O'Reilly/Nursery school,""Tax law 36,000 pages," "Aristotle-Rationalism," Frederick Hayek--predicted Soviet system would fail 50 years ago," "pass the buck," "maximum feasible participation," "process, hearing, study, task force," "discrimination 40 years later," "Children's rights," ""gov. of laws not men," "30 years since people excited about gov."


Howard, Philip K, “The death of common sense : how law is suffocating America,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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The death of common sense : how law is suffocating America


Howard, Philip K


Program air date: February 12, 1995


Distressing, disturbing, devastatingly detailed--this examination of how modern laws are diminishing America exposes the drawbacks of rule-bound government, tells why nothing gets done, reveals the phony pretensions of law, and shows why well-intentioned laws have actually devalued rights. In short, this book demonstrates how the buck never stops and how well-meaning laws are creating a nation of enemies.--From publisher description.


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