P.S., a memoir



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Notes on front endpaper: Where were you when he was shot (JFK); " " "  " RFK was shot; Arub to France; 14 hours with K., Alexi Adzhubei.  Chronicle, Colliers, Alex Haley-39, Teddy White. Idea for televising press conf. Renee, Nancy, Nicole, Nicole (Poppy). Underlinings/Notes: Notes: "John Greenya," "100 boxes," "1.5 years," "Mom 98," "French edition," "mistresses," "a global person," "Art Hoppe," "Mother WPA," "Isaac Stern," "piano, violin," "auto accident Father," "only H.S. date," "Jap-cook," "made love 1st time," "sexual attack," "poker," "CO at 19," "cigar," "10 yr. marriage," "2nd marriage," "no golden age of journalism," "run for Congress?" "17 part series on jails," "Teddy White," "Alex Haley," "Alex Haley love letters for sailors," "Bobby Kennedy job," "34 yrs.," "self-confident," "access," "open beat," "50,000 Russian troops instead of 10,000," "K. letters," "right to lie," "Arthur Sylvester," "Cuban missile crisis," "1961 Letter from K to JFK," "Nancy," "deft humor of JFK," May 5, 1962...meeting with Khrushchev," "the wall," "half a million votes," " cigars," "Amb to France," "assassin," "poker," "LBJ," "4 months," "LBJ from Jackie," "Jackie tried to avoid W.H." "closed out of LBJ," "U.S. Senate," "U.S. 148 days," "mistresses," "1964, 1925 b., 39," "LBJ hated the W.H.," "against Bobby running," "Pete Hamill," "March 16, 1968 RFK for President," "FK speech after King assin," "$50,000," "McCarthy to fly to Wash to ask LBJ to run again," "Jim McManus," "Bobby's shot," "curled up on the counter," "1980 Gary suicide," "1972 Ted K. for V.P.," "call from Steve Smith about Jackie," "pressed hard for no wedding in U.S.," "Reston to Castro from Kissinger," "James Goldsmith, Marc's suicide," "Hostage coverage," "Marc suicide," "depression," "photos," "Marc and JFK's death," "back channel negotiations," "Emmy," "25 years in France," "Carter admin. French Amb; Carter never got the letter," "Tito," "Above Paris, Mitterand," "Georgetown, safety in streets," "dogs," "Nantucket," "Biggest change," "Whitewater," "Kennedy v. Clinton," "WASH mentality," "Brother George."  Underlinings: Lamb marks information on Salinger's family background, childhood, career in journalism, time in Navy, college, marriages, friends (Pete Rozelle, Ben Bradlee, Teddy White, Bobby Kennedy, etc.), relationship/interactions with Kennedy family, France, and reporting.


Salinger, Pierre, “P.S., a memoir ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed February 2, 2023, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/328.


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P.S., a memoir


Salinger, Pierre


Program air date: November 12, 1995


Autobiographical work by Pierre Salinger.


"Salinger, Pierre."
"Politicians--United States--Biography."
"Journalists--United States--Biography."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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