All God's children : the Bosket family and the American tradition of violence



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Notes on front endpaper: Preston Brooks/Charles Sumner and his attack on pro slavery states. Ruben Bosket. Aaron Bosket b. 1848 (Willie Great, Great Grandfather), Pud, James, Butch, Willie-b. Dec. 9, 1902. The culture of violence of Saluda. Lamb underlines names on the Contents page. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Details on family history, Brooks/Sumner beating, slavery in South Carolina, dangers of Edgefield, SC, lynching, violence," "Bosket family, poverty/violence, crimes. Notes: "Family history," "Preston Brooks," "Charles Sumner," "Pickens," "39 lashes," "divorce," "Pub Willie's great grandfather," "turbulent period," "hanging," "Miss. Senator," "Ben Tillman," "Pud never vote," "J. William Thurmond," "Cal Smith shot," "Pud marries Cal's sister," "1898 17 AA lynched," "1910 Pud 21," "bad nigger," "Pud plead guilty," "Pud 'bad man'," Pud's code," "1910 married Lizzie," "James, Willie's grandfather," "Pud dies in auto accident," "James," "James baked the cat," "James Brown," "James a drunk," "Butch Willie Bosket's father," "stole from a hardware store," "discharge without honor," "Marie in court," "1890s Harlem," "Butch 9 yrs old Harlem," "Jan 1951 Wiltwyck," "Rud Kipling," "Art," "violent place," "Laura pregnant," "pictures," "stabbed Dave," "William Locke stabbed also," "1850-1960 murder rate declining," "Industrial Revolution," "1st plane ride for Butch," "admits killing," "confession," "largest act of emancipation," "Willie kills a man," "Wisconsin prison," "Waupun," "Indian," "started high school classes," "Fox Lake," "Steppenwolf," "Hesse," "Back to Waupun," "Escape," "74' another escape," "Chemical Bank," "wanted to see Willie," "tape a 'family'," "1975 tried to kill himself," "new 15 yr. sentence in N.Y.," "2nd year at Leavenworth," "psychopath," "KU 1980 degree, Phi Beta Kappa," "Butch," "Butch about Willie," "phone call," "Willie-15," "Father-37," "Breakout," "Black Muslims," "worked in library," "Sharon's proposal," "Charles beat Cheryl," "Willie snitched on Charles," "Willie's attorney Alton Maddox," "200 robberies on the subway," "most violent youth," "assault charges against Willie," "serving as his own attorney," "not guilty," "beaten the system's ass," "Leavenworth Jan 1982 Phi Beta Kappa Waupun," "jail fright," "Butch's eyes," "Butch 43," "paroled Nov. 1984," "Kristin raped by Butch," "swallow salt," "toenail clippers," "Oct 1985," "defended himself," "jury found," "knife," "stabbed guard Porter," "50 billion a year," "start young," "1991 murder rate," "teach at home," "210 interviews."


Butterfield, Fox, “All God's children : the Bosket family and the American tradition of violence,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 3, 2022,


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All God's children : the Bosket family and the American tradition of violence


Butterfield, Fox


Program air date: March 31, 1996


A history of violence in America as experienced by one family, from slavery in Edgefield, S.C., to prison in the urban North.


"Bosket family."
"African Americans--Biography."
"African American prisoners."
"Violence--United States."
"Racism--United States."
"African Americans--Biography."


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