Once upon a distant war

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Notes on front endpapers: Homer Bigart, Stanley Karnow, William Laurence, Charles Kuralt, Joe Alsop, Keyes Beech. What was the New York Times in 1962--50 Foreign conces. The Post-2. Liberal, cold warriers, anti comm.-Cuba-Herb Matthews. Farmgate. Project Beef-up. Notrug, Harkins, Diem--reporters thought were all losers. Mike Mansfield's 4 hour conversation p. 208. Book ends in 1963. The USS Core Dec. 11, 1961--Stanley Karnoro. Brown--hung a human hand above typewriter p. 28. Charles Kuralt's pioneering story p. 29. Bedrock of Journalism-Be used and use: Van p. 89. Arnett-quoted Army major-it was necessary to destroy the village to save it. Charley Mohr and Pam Sanders--what about Norma Mohr. Browne was a war hater not a war lover-why should a reporter be either p. 119. Strategic Hamlets Program. Kennedy--kept WSH reporters eating out of his hands p. 139. 1st Gallup poll p. 140. Ap Bac. Deborah Kalb--quoted Sheehan on p. 195. "Get cracking," "Francis Sully, John Paul Vann, John Mecklin, William Westmoreland. Teddy White's letter to JFK p. 248. Maggie Higgins, Carl Rowan's Cable 1006. NOW. [verso] Westy never called JFK. Henry Felt, Roga Hilsman, Pham Van Dong. Front fly sheet: H you get you give you give you get-j. 101. JFK-first overt lie p. 140. Charles Kuralt, Dan Graham-Joe A.-Katherine G. half the bill. OTTO Fuerbringer, Henry Luce, Trine May. No WASH newspaper had correspondents in V. Post 1st in 1965. Where did Kennedy tried to get rid of it. Sheehan-an alcohol. H.-Ricji; B.-Le Lien; S.-Blue Lotus; A.-Nina; Mohr-Pam Saunders.


Prochnau, William W, “Once upon a distant war ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed October 22, 2019, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/338.


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Once upon a distant war


Prochnau, William W


Program air date: January 14, 1996


A study of young war correspondents and the early Vietnam battles.


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"Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Press coverage."
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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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