Washington station : my life as a KGB spy in America

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Notes on front endpaper: Apr. 14 1 p.m. Notes on front flysheet: Anti alcoholism campaigns. Defection of Yurchenko. Phyllis Barber. Martin Stone. Arrest of Motorin--The Wrap. Wipe hands with alcohol. Car detectors. Specialty drugs--Socrates. Nightfall--Soviet agents-check lights-parking lots p. 75. Dobrynin's plane home. Valentin-Aksilenko-Who was he? 1979 story of Bill -Hispanic, Sasha. The trunk story. How often over the years did the active measures section of the KGB influence the public discussion. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Lamb underlines extensively in this book. Subjects include details on Shvets's background, his roles/accomplishments in Tass/KGB, spycraft, and his relationships within the Soviet government/KGB, recruitment, and lack of security in the United States for documents that could be of interest to foreign governments. Notes: "Novel," "duty," "kill a child," "Americans let guard down as is their want," "Grandma Lida," "Walker, Pelton," "goal recruit an American," "stayed at the office," "Kissinger," "congressman," "Wash Post as insider info.," "70s Koryavin New York grave side," "dead zone," "American affability," "patriotism," "Phyllis Barber," "Anti-alcoholism campaign," "homing device, passive transmitter, actuators," "Age, place of birth," "rubbing alcohol," "Qaddafi," "Yuri's technique snapshot in the eyes," "Socrates," "Sputnitsa," "idiots and bad roads," "Bob Dornan," "refrain from attacking SDI," "Tass chief's wife, Dobrynin," "Moscow vacation," "Yurchenko confessed," "1 million bucks," "Americans know Yuri's a spy," "meets Aksilenko," "the numbers in the Democratic party," "Kryuchkov trip to S.F,," "Protest at St. Matthews," "feelings about US, aspirin mentality," "Bill janitor," "Boeing," "Motorin double agent," "Valentin got in the trunk," "American's lackadaisical about classified record keeping," "Holiday parties, Pentagon contractors," "was Boll a plant," "How much did Bill get paid," "Kremlin well informed?" "Bill helped bankrupt the Soviet economy," "briefing of Andropov," "'It's over' where does this quote come from," "Bill would stop the elevator," "Oct 1983," "contact with Bill terminated," "recalled to Moscow," "summit," "Socrates provides info. to damage U.S. before Reykjavik," "switching subway cars," "Iran weapon sales," "create American social problems," "Summit would be a bust," "Iran Contra announced," "Will Libya be another W.H. target," "return to Moscow," "treason," "lie detector," "material things," "Socrates summoned to Moscow," "1986 award for Tass," "conversations were bugged," "mind altering drugs," "drugs on Socrates," "Order of Lenin," "Kryuchkov," "Angus Rocksburgh," "Bychkov on Socrates," "Soviet bureaucrat stupid, lazy, but powerful," "multi-party vote at KGB," "resignation," "idiots continue to rule," "shut down humint."


Shvets, Yuri B, “Washington station : my life as a KGB spy in America,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed June 18, 2019, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/369.


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Washington station : my life as a KGB spy in America


Shvets, Yuri B


Program air date: June 18, 1995


In Washington Station, his riveting account of his experiences spying against the United States, Yuri Shvets describes in fascinating detail what only a real KGB officer could know: the daily activities of Soviet spies in our nation's capital, including the elaborate games of cat and mouse between KGB officers and FBI agents.


"Shvets, Yuri B."
"Soviet Union. Komitet gosudarstvennoĭ bezopasnosti."
"Espionage, Soviet--United States."
"Spies--Soviet Union--Biography."


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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