Speaking truth to power.

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Notes on front endpapers: My mother-Edwardian lady. People called my Faye. Lone Tree Missionary Baptist Church. All children attended segregated schools. 4th grade library. Grad at top of high school class. 1st phone 1972. Peat's son Gary Lee. Lyle Boren--father of Senator David Boren, Don Marks, p 155. John Doggett-erotomania. Jim Brudney, Ricki Sudman. Senators: Biden, Heflen, Leahey, Metzenbaum, Simon, Kohl, Deconcini, Thurmond, Simpson, Hatch, Specter, Danforth. Did you ever watch a tape of your testimony. Have you ever talked to Justice Thomas since. Did Biden offer you chance to speak first. 'I found no sympathy for my situation from the media' p. 186. Oily skin--100 cameras popped. What is harassment? Define it. 'High tech lynching.' 'Erotomanic.' David Brock. Peter Flemming's Senate report on the leak. Nina Toten berg-deposed-subpoenaed. Tim Phelps 'How it came to her is still a mystery' p. 268. Dr. Park Dietz p. 234. Polygraph test p. 222. $30,000 fee. Old Dom. cancellation. 'I dislike politics' p. 312. '92 election. I felt from OK 258 'a harsh place'. p. 255 the leaks, the hearing, the process, the media. [verso] Biden p. 156. What role did your family play. Are you often viewed through the prism of your detractors? Angry at Katie Couric. Paula Jones p. 302. Voted for Jimmy Carter 1976. Taught at ORU only black and female. Open letter to Senate Judiciary Committee. Alan Dixon, Chuck Robb, Richard Shelby, David Boern. Polygraph Lloyd Cutler, Charles Ruff. Juan Williams, David Brock. [On front flysheet] Lamb Breaks down the parts of the book, indicating page spans and chapter numbers for each of the three parts. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: details on Hill's emotions, race, family, background, church, schooling, early career, working with Thomas, discomfort with Thomas, threat, testimony, Senate hearing, leak, FBI slanted, questions, other women harassed by Thomas not allowed to testify, post hearing life. Notes: "letters," "deeply wounded," "cry," "a slave," "284 lynching's," "a farmer," "1907 statehood," "122 lynching's 1882 to 1968," "my mother 13 children," "cotton to peanuts," "1972 phone," "Mattie Hutton," "Faye middle name," "1st movie 11 yrs old," "Reat to college," "military," "the library," "parents accident," "watched the news," "benefited from A.A.," "1977 Yale," "Yale women 1969," "165 students," "shy," "DC July, '80," "passed the bar," "voted Jimmy Carter 1976," "partners resisted with us," "rumors," "prejudice," "spring 1981," "meets Thomas," "Dept of Ed.," "Oct. '91," "Aug 81 work for Thomas, 25 yrs. old," "1983 left his employ," "personal problems," "see him socially," "spring '82 EEOC," "July 83 left agency," "still felt loyalty," "more sex comments," "Jan '83 hospital," "ORU," "airplane ride," "lost respect," "11 calls," "only female, only black," "pining for DC man," "3 yrs later URU ended," "tenure," "very popular white male prof.," "nigger," "hostility from students," "uterine tumors," "media's cue," "David Margolick of the New Y Times," "must disclose," "Susan H.," "cautious person," "hysterectomy 35 yrs old," "Cathy Thompson shocked," "Thomas's sister," "Shirley Wiegand," "Gail Laster calls, a black," "Do you know," "Nan Aron," "Sept 5," "conflicted over race," "James Brudney," "Ricki Seidman," "direct question," "neither confirm nor deny," "keep confidential," "Sept 9," "Sept 10 Brudney," "gave him details," "I called Harriet Grant," "committee not going to investigate," "Senate obstacles," "Sept 23," "4 page statement," "car accident," "FBI," "Charles Ogletree," "Senator Simon calls," "Oct 3, Totenberg calls," "Oct 4 Phelps calls," "Newsday Oct 6 Sunday," "NPR Sunday morn.," "checked in a local hotel," "press conf.," "stereotypically arrogant ABC reporter," "arrogant senators," "DeConcini," "Simpson," "sodomy, rape, assault," "Hatch," "22 to 35 harassers targeted," "women lawyers," "virtuous women," "press coverage biased for Thomas," "Don Nickles," "Don Nickles," "Biden," "Lloyd Cutler," "Cutler reveals info.," "Oct 11 Hearing begins," "chaos," "Thomas spoke first," "I was shocked and insecure," "David Brock," "first question," "chest tightened," "most embarrassing," "30 min. back and forth," "the media," "oily skin," "tumors," "gave statement Sept 23," "Specter tension," "questions insincere and ill informed," "Deggett," "9 hours of testimony," "prayed," "Thomas hard line approach," "sexual relationship?" "Sen Danforth," "ORU," "pube affidavit," "Juan Williams," "ORU/OU students write letters," "lesbian," "no allies on committee," "cry," "polygraph," "strategy of our legal team," "Charles Ruff," "polygraph given by Paul Minor," "results," "fecal material," "Sen Kennedy," "Angela Wright," "De Clarembaults's syndrome," "I called Dr. Dietz years later," "wench," "Danforth," "my students," "clip pulled," "Oklahoman, Patrick McGuigan," "Big Hug at Target," "Dems for Thomas," "no comment," "cameras," "my mother," "the vote," "religion turned against me," "Oklahoma--a harsh place from which I fled," "surgery," "18 cysts," "continual press attentions," "I was angry," "Jan 1992, no talk shows, Phil D.," "TV vs. Print interviews," "Senate investigation," "phone logs," "First Amendment," "Peter Fleming investigation," "African American community, community of all women, academic comm., comm. of relatives and friends," "Eleanor Roosevelt," "letters," "Black male courting ritual," "David Brock," "Mike Tyson," "Katie Couric/David Brock," "Paula Jones," "contract," "public speaking," "dislike politics," "did not campaign," "afraid of Geo. B.," "women supporters," "Yale," "Yale Law 1992," "600 people," "call me Prof. Hill," "fee payment," "attacks started," "worn-out," "Gloria Segal brain tumor," "5-2 vote," "Van Horn resigned," "David Boren," "spring 1994," "Barbara Streisand," "$11,000," "Boren meeting refused," "Boren, backs to each other," "tenure," "your newsletter," "FBI," "my parents."


Hill, Anita, “Speaking truth to power. ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed May 26, 2019, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/390.


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Speaking truth to power.


Hill, Anita


Program air date: January 23, 1997


Anita Hill's characterization of the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings.


"Hill, Anita."
"Women lawyers--United States--Biography."
"Sexual harassment of women--Law and legislation--United States."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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