War by other means : economic espionage in America

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Notes on front endpaper: People are secure about problem p. 13. Hotel phones--Japan, South Korea, China p. 14. Universities. John Boyd p. 198 Japan-suck us dry; Jeff Fiedler AFL-CIO p. 185 U.S. data base heaven; Amgen and Pimpernel p. 175 Hitachi. Andrew Wang p. 161. U.S. universities are addicted to foreign stn p. 154. Sun Ming p. 137 finances. Data rape p. 125. Francis Cabot Lowell. America isolationist today p. 4. Little Fish Bin Wu--long term spy for China, p. 18, claimed 15,000 students a year. Big Fish--Chinese, Columbus, McDonnell plant p. 29. Cecil Haga--Taiichi Ishida p. 42. Don Spero-Packwood p. 53. Farewell-Vladimir Vetrov p. 66 universities. Victor Budamov--Communist Party Gold 15 to 50 Billion live radio transmitter in Ukranian Hotel p. 80. Bernard Guillet--French Consul in Houston "trasint"-"non-diet" p. 87. Pentagon calls it Information warfare p. 101. Microbugs--ballpoint pens etc., p. 113. Lamb has checked each section on the contents page. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Lambs underlining follow the notes--details on spying, spy craft, industry, law, global markets, and corporate intelligence. Notes: "6.8 trillion," "isolation," "$28 B," "24 major countries," "since 1990," "since 1990," "China, Taiwan, S. Korea, France, Russia, Israel, Germany, Japan," "phones," "bragging," "39% ASIA 30% W. Europe," "Adm Turner, 'make it public,'" "Russians," "IBM copy," "U.S. Universities 'free source'," "Japanese," "openness," "intell. gap, 1988," "Doctorates 1991," "China agents to U.S., covert military goods," "arms race in Asia," "questions," "hotel phones," "FBI 800 cases 23 countries," "Czech," "1989," "Sun Tzu," a sleeper," "Tiananmen Square," "little fish, 15,000 students a year," "Wu 'double agent'," "fall 1991," "night vision scopes," "Wu arrested by Customs agents," "save his life," "Sept 1993 10 years," "Chinese visitors Aug 1993," "1 Bil order," "one of the most corrupt countries," "40 MD-80s/90s," "China's defense budget 2/3 rds hidden," "1959 Japanese," "1993 China imported 40 big machines," "superpower designs," "March 1994 Plant 85 shut down," "auction 30 Chinese workers in blue jumpsuits," "275 truck loads," "Japanese, traveling operation a ruse, V-22," "2 decades 1 trillion market, R&D," "V-22," "copying everything," "copy paper," "future generations in Japan," "June '93, Ishida shuts down company," "complete doc.," "Don Spero," "Asians war/Americans sports," "Jim Lake," "Saunders, Packwood," "Japan filed 257 patents," "Patton Art of Winning," "walked out," "a Billion equals 1 Trillion," "Packwood's divorce," "Packwood drinking," "focus groups survey of Americans by Japanese," "Robert Angel," "Japan bashing," "Spero fired," "1995 no time to talk," "Senator Packwood, James Lake, Steve Saunders, Don Spero," "1982 Vladimir Vetrov," "French," "Bottom of shoes," "MIT." "5000 Soviet military systems," "MIT, Harvard, Michigan, Cal Tech, Princeton--favorite hunting ground," "car wreck 60s," "diamonds, furs, champagne," "Bank notes in his car, executed," "Yurchenko," "multiple routes to stealing U.S. technology are still in use--Iraq in late 80s," "Victor Budanov," "Secret meetings," "haunt the West for years," "KGB network hidden still," "elections 1990," "Communist Party GOLD," "Prague, Russians, Italian Mafia," "8000 security cos. in Russia," "Ukraine Hotel," "live radio transmitter," "trucks," "eavesdropping, radio listening device," "Prague," "nomenclature capitalism," "Bulgaria," "Houston, French," "TRASHINT--FBI trashed Guillet," "non-dit or unspoken," "flee to Mexico," "book," "Bugs in hotel," "IBM, Corning, TI," "French Hotels bugged," "Air France bugged," "FBI= Foreign Born Irish," "moles," "bribes," "French best in the world," "U.S. firms lost 40 Bil in 2 yrs," "Woolsey, American spying for U.S. companies," "1996 French stopped spooking U.S.," "Internet," "Gulf War 1990 great harm," "John Wood, National Weather service," "SPRINT, MIT, Boston, Denmark," "Dec 8, 1995 7 arrested," "Data Stream, 16 years old," "shut down phone system," "Air Force's 193rd," "Command Solo," "MISSI super encryption," "Tokyo capital of high tech eavesdropping gear," "Okura Hotel," "Tatsuo Hinata," "Japan's bugs outlawed," "ballpoint pen bug," "pinhole TV camera," "30 May 1995,"l cell phones," "scrambler," "Russian microwave," "80s," "microwave spillover," "400 million," "Russia satellite spillover," "Every year 74,000 comp. 170 Billion," "database heaven," "FOIA big for foreigners," "FOIA 600,000 a year $100 million," "Scotland Yard, a wire," "gov doesn't know much," "Scuds," "80% from PC," "US Spy technology," "1992 Sun Ming, clever trader," "Ming 42 million fraud," "who owns the nation's trucking industry," "drugs," "free enterprise," "FinCEN," "Toilet Seat Building," "movement of $10,000 churches," "Ming's scam," "Sydney Australia, Bank account begins Ming's laundering project," "25 million," "AUSTRAC, ScreenIt," "Ming's trades uncovered in Australia," "Ming to language school," "ten foot vault," "Ming in jail," "perfect glass lens," "Japanese visit Rochester campus," "U.S. Universities," "1990 29,840 Japanese students in U.S. 1485 in Japan," "U. of Ill.," "U.S. universities addicted to foreign students," "MIT's best to Wall Street," "60% go back home," "leaky bucket theory," "black doctorates," "1994, 41 foreign teachers of 50,000 in Japan U. system," "Hong Kong U 3 B endowment," "$249 B in U.S. on basic research," "Andrew Wang," "case collapsed," "FBI headhunter," "7 months confined to house, suicide," "Xin Shulin goes home to Hong Kong," "case ended Oct 9, 1995 dropped," "Wang still in Denver," "Amgen," "John Wilson," "1982 Amgen had 10 people," "32 buildings," "Gordon Bindernew Amgen Pres.," "Dumpster Divers," "1993 letter from an employee," "Hitachi Chemical Co.," "Hitachi ar Irvine," "India, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey," "Kota," "Biotechnology grow 1990-2 B; 2000-70 B," "Bill Owens," "Israelis ordered out of building," "3 M in damages," "Israel since 60s," "Co. on the block," "163 cameras in Gulf War," "Kodak v. Fuji," "1993 mini venetian blinds," "brought video to Chinese factories," "Brian Ross," "AK-47," "Missouri Overseas Traders," "mail drop," "How private investigators uncovered who Fiedler was," "Glenn Hoetker spy," "Kodak," "May 1995," "Fuji fights back," "Sun Tzu 400 B.C.," "American openness," "John Boyd on Japan," "U.S. 70-80,000 intelligence agents," "John Wayne mentality," "Japan sees WASH as weak," "hire lobbyist," "25 B a year on remedial education," "empire with no clothes," "encryption," "a slogan," "public schools must be fixed," "tighter immigration laws?" "Picking winners," "disengaging with the Chinese," "Bankers are the enemy," "I propose 100 million Francis Cabot Lowell Memorial Fund."


Fialka, John J, “War by other means : economic espionage in America,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed July 16, 2019, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/391.


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War by other means : economic espionage in America


Fialka, John J


Program air date: March 19, 1997


In this book journalist John Fialka reveals a secret war that jeopardizes the economic security of the United States and the livelihood of millions of Americans. The battlefield is now economic rather than ideological, but espionage in the 1990s springs directly from the ruins of the Cold War spy regimes. Newly configured, the covert operations of America's enemies-and friends-threaten to hollow out the U.S. economy and siphon away the jobs and technologies we need to remain competitive in the twenty-first century. From Russia's brazen shopping tours for U.S. secrets to the subtle art of technology "tunneling" by the Japanese, this book illuminates a loss that is widely felt, but not often seen or understood. Fialka's incisive reporting and trenchant analysis expose an attack on the American economy so deadly as to constitute a time-lapse Pearl Harbor; his book outlines the hard choices we must make if we are to survive


"Business intelligence--United States."
"Trade secrets--United States."


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