One man's America : a journalist's search for the heart of his country

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Notes on half-title: Desire to be a playwright. Bishop Sheen--being a Jew. Alger Hiss p. 176 (160). Martha's Vineyard, Clare Booth Luce, Harry Luce, Maralyn Monroe, Nancy Reagan, Jerszy Kosinski. Nov 12, 1945 hired as a writer. Sidney Hook, James Burnham, Mortimer Adler. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Early life, travels to escape Nazis, arrival in US, Ava Gardner, Clare Boothe Luce, Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers' fears, suicide attempt, Jim Bell, Chambers homosexual, Kinsey's sex report, Hugh Hefner, children, Fulton J. Sheen Catholic Church, J.D. Salinger, Nixon--lacked conviction/vision, career with Time, trip to Russia, Vietnam, Nixon, 'the C-students run the world'--Truman, Israel, Middle East, Mike Wallace, Jerzy Kosinski, Kissinger, Castro, Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell, Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Louise, remarriage, retirement, diplomat--ambassador to Austria. Notes: "I love America," "for Hiss," "suicide," "Sidney Hook," "1953 mother died," "children 1957, 1959, 1955," "mid 50s salary at time $20,000 top 5% of income," "God," "not comfortable Jew," "Luce affair," "JFK met," "Luce intro," "Chambers," "Time's 4oth 1963," "CIA," "Mohr resigned," "I was a hawk," "June 1964 Vietnam trip," "named Mgr. editor," "managing editor Time," "TV," "McLuhan," "Tom Wolfe," "a tyrant," "bylines," "Bobby K," "Nixon '86," "Chambers," "greatest sin of press=shallowness," "pardon," "1974 project," "C-students," "1971 Carter covers," "July 1978, Carter dinner," "eye for an eye," "Beverly mastectomy," "close friend," "1991 suicide," "1978 cancer Beverly," "60 yrs old 1982," "Gorbachev," "TV cable week," "company helicopter," "Sharon 1981," "nice," "June 1987," "greed," "Mike Wallace," "political center," "par with the politicians," "Sister Meta," "Waldheim photo," "cables to State Dept," "large station," "CIA," "Felix Bloch," "Bloch guilty," "cut costs," "the Pope," "race," "existence of evil."


Grunwald, Henry A, “One man's America : a journalist's search for the heart of his country,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed June 19, 2019,


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One man's America : a journalist's search for the heart of his country


Grunwald, Henry A


Program air date: February 2, 1997


One Man's America is at once a stirring account of a young immigrant becoming an American, a personal history of the major milestones of the late twentieth century, a fascinating insider's view of the most widely read news magazine in the world, and a warm and loving family saga. Here also is the remarkable success story of a boy driven from his native Vienna by the Nazis and returning years later as American ambassador; a copy boy who rose to become editor in chief of.Time Inc. If Time was the voice of America, for many years Henry Grunwald was the voice of Time. He started at the magazine running errands and wound up running all the publications of Time Inc., at the summit of American journalism. Yet this lucid charming autobiography reveals a man not overawed by the momentous events he witnessed and influenced, or by the personalities he encountered. During his long and distinguished career at Time, Grunwald interviewed, befriended,and feuded with some of the most intriguing figures on the world stage, from Whittaker Chambers and Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy and Henry Kissinger to Ronald Reagan and Fidel Castro. But just as intriguing to him were the mores and folkways of all the people of the United States, Main Street bankers and radical students alike, through whom he sought to understand the heart of his adopted country.


"Grunwald, Henry A. (Henry Anatole)"
"Editors--United States--Biography."


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