Where the game matters most: a last championship season in Indiana high school basketball.

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Notes on front and back endpapers: P 81 James Dean. P 33 James Whitcomb Riley, John Wooden, Abe Lincoln. Internet, Shakespeare. Steve Witty of Ben Davis p 12 "greedy." Alexandria coach--Garth Cone-quote on Society p 172. Oscar Robertson- p 149. Newcastle--9314 seat. Maurice (Middleton). (Two French journalists came to Ft. Wayne in 1996-1997, report on a quintessential Midwestern city). Picture of Gary Weatherford--adoption/arrest. Hoosier Hysteria /382 teams. Merrillville--Jamal Davis. Gangs--wore a pager. DeKalb-Luke Recker. Parents divorce. Anderson-Eric Bush/Coach Ron Hecklinski-the liver surgery. The Wigwam-the ceremony-politically correct. Mother dies, Father, prison. Batesville--Michael Menser. Milais--Bobby Plump. Alices-p 52 Vincennes about a woman who aided a Revolutionary soldier. Larry Bird-father committed suicide like Lincoln-lost a parent to death p 50. Public address announcement at Anderson p 56. Cervantes--the journey is better than the inn. Abe Lincoln--I did the best I could and I'll keep on doing it up to the end. C.S. Lewis--For broken dreams the cure is dream again and deeper. (p 183) Carl Sandberg wrote of the peace and glory of the dunes. 179 Bob Segar CD Running against the wind, we're running against the wind. 154 Kokomo, Memorial to John E. Turner and other killed in WWII. This memorial conceived in loving memory and enduring gratitude is dedicated to those promising sons who grew to young manhood in our homes and schools of Howard County and loved ones, offered their lives and all else they possessed that liberty, justice and individual freedom might be enjoyed by future generations. 140 William Herschel--ain't God good to Indiana? 33 James Whitcomb Riley. Notes/Underlinings: Notes: “Steve Witty of Ben Davis [High],” “Anderson--Eric Bush, Batesville--Michael Menser, DeKalb--Luke Recker, Merrillville--Jamaal Davis.” “Ron Hecklinski, liver transplant,” “20 yr old,” “Doctor David Van Thiel,” “$412 phone calls,” “5 years,” “Milan--Bobby Plump's house,” “Randy Combs, Milan coach,” “enrollment 325,” “Melvin Siefert,” “revolving door, control, precision, discipline of Indiana basketball,” “the Region,” “90 year old woman,” “gangs,” “I.V. Knight,” “5 official visits,” “candy,” “Luke's broken home,” “Damon Baily,” “town names,” “self made heroes,” “Rick Mount,” “Oscar Robertson,” “Larry Bird,” “Abe Lincoln,” “Nancy Hanks buried,” “Larry Bird, French Lick,” “Father-suicide, divorce, poverty,” “Crystal Cemetery,” “Alice,” “The Wigwam,” “Abe Lincoln,” “liver out but win,” “the flag,” “the ceremony, 'politically correct'?” “High school consolidation,” “Huggy Dye,” “Hawkins on excellence,” “burning the jock straps,” “Luke's fathers absence,” “ripe fruit,” “newspaper article glowing,” “Indiana's games, radio network,” “Damon, the baby boy Jesus,” “Jenny Menser,” “Merrillville,” “academics,” “East on his players,” “all black five,” “escaping Gary-no 1 murder city,” “Johnny Wilson,” “kids need inner personal drive,” “last 10 years reversal of attitudes,” “kids don't set goals,” “don't have desire to be the best,” “James Dean,” “senior year 1949,” “Hoosier hospitality,” “Dean Park Cemetery 1931-1955 24,” “Movie Giant,” “the end,” “popcorn,” “Cal Erskine,” “Erskine back to Anderson,” “baseball's best change,” “Jimmy Down's syndrome,” “technology,” “downsizing, pop decreasing,” “subsidized age,” “bowling tour.,” “world's largest high school gym, 9,314 seats.” Notes/Underlinings continue to underscore information on schools and players, the challenges they face on/off court, single class b-ball, tradition, history, Hoosier values and the game.


Gildea, William, “Where the game matters most: a last championship season in Indiana high school basketball.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed May 20, 2018, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/405.


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Where the game matters most: a last championship season in Indiana high school basketball.


Gildea, William


Program air date: February 22, 1998


An account of Indiana high school basketball.


"School sports--Indiana."


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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