The irony of virtue: ethics and American power.

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Notes on front endpapers: Yale Divinity School. B. York, PA; Elizabethtown College-Lancaster PA. 40 years in WASH. Ethics and Public Policy Center. Sept, 1945-arrived in London YMCA. Strong pacifist views (early) C.O. Wife Margaret (1951), David, Bryce. 1955 came to WASH. New book-Ethics and Empire America's Imperial Dilemma. Reinhold Niebuhr/ his older brother Richard (biblical realism). 1960-First visit to Soviet Union. Trotskyite--A.J. Muste. Hitched hiked--30,000 miles to spread word. After War went to England for 3 years. 1960-attended trial of Francis Gary Powers. Early 1950s-had reservation about union-became neo-con. Assistant Sec. of State for human Rights 1981. Ethics and Public policy Center- 1976 (retired 1989). 3 stages: 1. Pietist pacifism; 2. Liberal political pacifist stance; 3. Human realist understanding of political accountability. Are we living in the last days of Rome? I am not cynical about the war-1946. George Orwell p 118. Under title on half title, Lamb wrote: “extravagant expectations of Wilsonians.” “sinful,” “utopian pacifist,” “war and God,” “peace study group,” “C.O. brother in prison,” “quotas,” “Father Divine,” “FDR,” “A-Bomb,” “sailed for England,” “Dachau,” “12 million deaths,” “Communism-a secular religion,” “no longer a pacifist,” “neocon,” “ADA,” “Youth Argosy,” “married 1951,” “Trotsky,” “Humphrey, Brookings,” “National Review,” “1974 CBS News,” “1972 voted for R. Nixon,” “Chuck Percy,” “Cosmos Club,” “1944 brother in prison,” “1944 visit to internment camps,” “Sept 1948 Yale,” “1972 Vietnam,” “1948 World Council of Churches,” “60 minutes,” “Reinhold Niebuhr, a stroke, 1954,” “1980 liberation theology,” “1970 Richard John Neuhaus,” “FOIA 1975,” “visits to 50 3rd World countries 1949-1988,” “3 questions; Next century,” “Magna Carta, Mayflower C, Dec. of Inp, Law of nature and of God,” “Jefferson, Madison,” “Muggeridge, Graham, Bork,” “China and Russia; Germany and Japan,” “Paul Kennedy,” “will, moral education, spiritual vitality,” “limerick,” “family, church, school, neighborhood,” “God,” “City on the Hill,” “Where is civil rights 1960s.” Underlinings: Virtue, author's background, education, career, family, collection of 40 essays from journals and books. Interned Japanese-Americans, UN, influences.


Lefever, Ernest W, “The irony of virtue: ethics and American power.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed May 20, 2018,


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The irony of virtue: ethics and American power.


Lefever, Ernest W


Program air date: March 22, 1998


An anthology of articles by Ernest Lefever.


"International relations--Moral and ethical aspects."
"Political ethics."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


Westview Press
George Mason University. Libraries. Special Collections & Archives


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