Pickett's charge in history and memory.



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Notes on front endpapers: Soldiers memory of what actually happened in battle. Little Round Top (Napoleon), Seminary Ridge, Cemetery Ridge. Some were appalled by joint reunion of 1887- (p 107), 1888 -25, 1913-50, 1963-100. Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet (died 1904), George Pickett, Lewis Armistead. Virginia v. North Carolina, Alabama. What's the Virginia version of Pickett's charge. "The high water mark of the rebellion." "Pickett's fondness for alcohol--Lee abstained. Who were Virginia's "lost cause" advocates (Lost Causian). July 1913--50 years-deciding battle lines. (P 178)John Batchelder walked the area with 100 soldiers & 46 Generals. Sallie Pickett's books letter-8 old men murdered. 35,000 Union men attended 7000 Confederates. Kirkwood Otey's charge that Pickett wasn't there p 156. The T-shirt concession, the monument placement at Gettysburg, selling a tree-Pickett's change tree p 211, the ballpoint pen showing Lew Armistead. What happened at Gettysburg. Pickett's charge--3 days of fighting. Southern press didn't tell truth about defeat (p 50). Lee couldn't have been defeated. 60,000 casualties. Where was the stone wall. Lamb checks selected sections on the Contents page. Notes/underlinings: Notes: "What's Angle," "we know less," "3 day fight July 3, 1863," "lack of historical truths," "awful battle," "central moment in American history," "Lee was offensive minded," "numbers 10,500 to 13,000," "memory leads to mythology," "end came quickly," "General Hancock," "Pickett's men, 10% dead, Virginians," "45 reporters," "telegraph offices for Southern journalists," "reporters descriptions," Newspaper 1st to call it Pickett's charge,”"Samuel Wilkerson, N.Y.T," "Winifield Hancock darling of the press," "Lee can't have been defeated," "60,000 Southern casualties," "Jonathan Albertson 'A'," "Walter Harrison," "Pickett--moved him to Hollywood Cemetery," "more than 1/2 pop. of Richmond," "wounds healed slowly," "Lee dies Oct 1870," "Longstreet's stand against the Hill," "Pickett and alcohol," "1876 Mother of Presidents," "Blame on Pettigrew /Trimble," "Pickett's mem. published in the North," "Sallie brought blue and gray together," "Pickett's memorial," "several hundred Pennsylvanians and Virginians met at Gettysburg July 1887," "Penn monument," "61-65 heroic age," "Pickett's division marker," "Congress turned down funds," "Longstreet attended," "no money from Northerners, statue to Robert E. Lee," "numbers game," "15,000 to 25,000 men," "glorified Southern soldier," "jealousies," "North Carolinians speak up," "Otey-1887 Pickett didn't take part," "Sallie Pickett," "Lincoln," "McClellan on Picket," "July 1, 1913 50 year anniversary," "John Bachelder," "Southerners didn't want to return to Gettysburg," "hundreds of government markers," "history rarely won," "40,000 attendance," "50 coffins," "Pickett and his men $1.10," "letters, 6 page letter," "widow Longstreet returns," "reenactment," "modern smoke shells," "Ike," "Marines reenactment," "fiction," "Glenn Tucker," "July 3, 1963 3 p.m. ceremony lacked dignity, sound system, photographs," "Lee tankard," "selling a tree," "Turner's Gettysburg," "Pickett's Charge Ballpoint pen," "Mickey Mouse." Underlinings: details on battle, tactics, scars, impact, descriptions of soldiers, reunions, veterans.


Reardon, Carol, “Pickett's charge in history and memory. ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed February 2, 2023, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/410.


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Pickett's charge in history and memory.


Reardon, Carol


Program air date: February 8, 1998


In this book, Reardon shows that the story told today of Pickett's Charge is really an amalgam of history and memory. The evolution of that mix, she concludes, tells us much about how we come to understand our nation's past.


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