Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-65.



Transcription of Annotations

Notes on front endpapers, verso, front flysheet: Albany, Ga., Selma-electric cattle prods, Montgomery, Birmingham, St. Augustine. Lamb lists 25 names of SNCC/NAACP/SCLC members/leaders including: John Lewis, Fanny Lou Hammer, Ralph Abernathy, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Stokley Carmichael and James Forman. Ronald Stokes violence in L.A. Gov. Geo. Wallace. J.B. Stoner, Norman Rockwell, Bull Conner, Sheriff Jim Clarke (Selma). Richard Russell on Warren commission p 181. Malcolm's chicken's speech p. 184. FBI--J. Edger Hoover liar remark p 526. The apes--the suicide package p 557. Money, loyalty, sex--trilogy. Commission--Roy Watkins opposition to King. The role of women--Elijah Muhammad v. Malcolm X; King's affairs; Clarence Jones and his wife and divorce. St. Augustine--J.B. Stoner/Andrew Young. Birmingham. How many F.B.I. wire taps have you listened to? King v. Abernathy; Elijah M. v. Malcolm X; Hoover v. R.F.K; Muslims v. King. Oct RFK signs wiretap request. Ellen Rometsch affair. Sept. 14 Birmingham Church Bombing; Oct 7 Selma “Freedom Day,” Mississippi “Freedom Vote.” Diem assassination. Money, loyalty, sex--three areas of vulnerability of surveillance politics. LHM--Letterhead memorandum (FBI terms designating reports for external distribution). Henry Wilson Papers. 27 FBI files. Financial support. Lyndhurst of Chatt; MacArthur of Chicago; Ford Foundation (93-94). On contents pages, Lamb checks the epilogue, acknowledgements, abbreviations used in source notes, notes, major sources cited in notes and the index. Underlinings/notes: Notes: “Parting the Waters--54-63; Pillar of Fire 63-65; at Canan's Edge,” “Malcolm's first national news items,” “After Birmingham settlement May 10: 785 racial demos., 14,733 arrests [in] 186 municipalities,” “Kennedy recording on King,” “New York meeting,” “LBJ's Gettysburg speech,” “Life mag article on Malcolm,” “King wants private meeting with Kennedy,” “Ike,” “Hoover v. RFK,” “Mafia, mistresses,” “Lodge, Diem,” “wiretaps on King,” “Sept. 16 Birm. bombing,” “Al Lowenstein, student volunteers,” “student fund raising,” “Diem, Nhu shot,” “Richard Russell's letter King a Communist,” “St. Augustine,” “Levinson breaks off relationship,” “wiretaps,” “JFK shot,” “Civil Rights bill,” “assassination commission,” “Hoover and the Post,” “Richard Russell on the commission,” “Malcolm's anti-JFK speech,” “Chickens roost,” “Lumumba, Diem,” “Johnson and Russell and Civil Rights,” “red ties of King,” “Jan. 6 NYT v. Sullivan,” “Callahan Tunnel,” “at the Boston airport,” “Nelson Mandela,” “Walter Jenkins,” “the Trilogy,” “King and Hoover meeting,” “Nobel Peace Prize,” “the Yankees,” “New Orleans speech,” “LBJ on Civil Rights Bill,” “Nigger!” “Negro votes for Johnson,” “Walter Jenkins,” “Cleveland MLK,” “Nobel money,” “Reagan speech for Goldwater 1964,” “King write in,” “Prop 14,” “FBI report on King,” “Gene Patterson,” “FBI anti-King tactic,” “sex groans and party jokes,” “trilogy: money, loyalty, sex,” “6 bugging operations 50 reels,” “James Farmer,” “MLK no money, communism, but women,” “Hoover advice register to vote,” “Malcolm X, Cairo; 5 months in Africa,” “Louis X,” “Daddy King,” “Norwegian prostitutes,” “Sam Cooke,” “Abernathy as heir,” “speech in Selma,” “FBI audio tapes sent to King,” “Young meets with DeLouch,” “Selma,” “King 63 yrs. old,” “1st skirmish,” “integrating 1. restrooms; 2. restaurants; 3. hotels,” “King is slugged,” “LBJ inauguration,” “March for right to votes,” “Annie Lee Cooper hits Sheriff Clark,” “Nobel Atlanta dinner,” “paternity suit against Elijah M.,” “King in jail,” “Malcolm X at Tuskegee and Selma,” “King posts bond,” “in-house accountant FBI informant,” “King invites self to W.H.,” “voting rights 1965,” “Vietnam escalates,” “meet w Humphrey,” “King meets Johnson in W.H.,” “Malcolm speaks in London,” “Selma,” “Moses leaves SNCC,” “15th parade permit from Selma,” “Jimmy Lee Jackson shot,” “Vietnam a coup, Rolling Thunder,” “Malcolm X shot,” “Jackson dies,” “George Wallace,” “Farrakhan,” “Elijah died 1975,” “Jews,” “1990s 5 to 8 million Muslims,” “House burned down, Dahmer dies,” “2 mistakes in Dahmer case,” “Moses went to Canada,” “Tanzania.” Underlinings: information of previous books, background on key figures, race conflicts, Bill Moyers scuttled a King trip to visit Peace Corps in Africa, celebrities and civil rights, issues/conflicts within Nation of Islam, media.


Branch, Taylor, “Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-65.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 3, 2022, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/411.


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Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-65.


Branch, Taylor


Program air date: April 12, 1998


An account of the Civil Rights era.


"King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968."
"African Americans--Civil rights."
"Civil rights movements--United States--History--20th century."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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