1863 : the rebirth of a nation



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Notes on front endpapers and half-title: Did Confederates ever come close to winning? Who were all the players in 1863. Give us a rough overview of what happened in the year. Richmond, Chattanooga, Vicksburg. Grant (drunk-p 244) Vicksburg--wife goes home. [Louisa May Alcott--Tribulation Periwinkle p 66 30-unmarried.] Railroads 22,000 miles in North; 9,000 in the South. National Banking, habeas corpus, national law in civilian areas, conscriptions> page 111. May 14 11 a.m. Mass 54th. American avarice--p 122 age of shoddy. Walt Whitman p 117. Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie> paid substitutes to fight. Ambrose Burnside--“The Mud Maid”--fired by Linc. Hooker took his place- p 77. Lincoln savaged on slavery--Emancipation Proclamation p 71. What was a Copperhead val. Jeff Davis--taxation, conscription, concentration of control in Richmond. Worried about too much focus on State's rights p 65/66. Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee, Bragg. Lincoln got sick for 3 weeks after Gettys. Sherman, Rosecrans, Hooker, U.S. Grant, Stonewall Jackson. What impact did Rosencrans' faith have on his ability to lead? Chickamauga. Army of the Potomac-Army of Northern Virginia. Oct 1863 turning point always on the defensive. Why did Grant like William T. Sherman. How much traveling did Grant do with his wife Julia. Nov 19, 1863--Gettysburg speech. Copperheads-Whose side was God on in the Civil War. Lamb checks some chapters on the Contents pages. Notes/Underlinings: Details on Lincoln, his thoughts on God, Generals and battles, casualties/military failures, slavery/Emancipation Proclamation. Davis fighting for liberty. Description of Lincoln, White House. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Frederick Douglas. “Save the Union, not end slavery.” Attitudes towards blacks. George Armstrong Custer, Thaddeus Stevens.


Stevens, Joseph E, “1863 : the rebirth of a nation,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed March 21, 2023, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/433.


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1863 : the rebirth of a nation


Stevens, Joseph E


Program air date: June 13, 1999


Drawing from personal letters, official documents, and rare photographs, the author offers a look at the "tumultuous" 1863 and all the personalities of the year.


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