An even better place : America in the 21st century



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Notes on front endpapers and back free endpaper: DEMS/REP no eye contact. Relationship to Newt? TV coverage 1992-1996 dropped 44%. 2.6 mil. teachers 10 yrs. need to hire 2.2 mil. Mason School, South West High S., Northwestern, U. of M Law. Wed 2 p.m. Profiles in Courage. Bob Livingston. Watergate started the politics of destruction. Dick Bolling--my mentor/ Red Villa/Tip O'Neil. Need for a tax referendum 10%. Dad--milk truck driver/teamster; Mom-secretary. Parents didn't finish H.S. Brother Don. 3 part-time jobs at U. of M. Clinton embraces business and owners p 42. Faith in free institutions--likely to topple in a fierce wind p 224. Why do unions represent fewer and fewer people. My aunt called me “Hot house Rose.” My models--Harry Truman/Jack Kennedy with Republicans--scrap the tap code 10% plan. Unions are declining. White House strongly opposed my efforts p 42. Clinton embraced business. Rosenbluth International. Phillie Travel Agency. Saturns. Springfield Remanufacturing Co.--open the books. Magna Copper--Arizona wanted to squeeze the union, having trouble today. Best Practices Award. Work days for me. Boston Medical Center Dr. Barry Zuckerman p 122. Reach out and Read; Witness to violence program. Schools Seattle General John Sanford. Central Park East School--Harlem p139. started by Deborah Meier 1984/Paul Schwarz, limit size of class. Affton-Lindbergh Early Childhood Education School; Shepard School--inner city St. Louis p 144 parent goes to school 1 hr. o week. Horton's kids-Craig Hanna of my staff 151. Rewards for Results D.G. program. Notes/Underlinings: Details on Gephardt's childhood/rearing, family, education, career, thoughts on work, education, economy, fair trade, God, health, media, political parties.


Gephardt, Richard A, “An even better place : America in the 21st century,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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An even better place : America in the 21st century


Gephardt, Richard A


Program air date: August 1, 1999


An Even Better Place is more than just a collection of good, common-sense ideas about what's right and what's wrong. It's a powerful, provocative statement, Gephardt's first ever, about what our priorities must be if we are to be able to get our politics and our policy back on track. Drawing from examples in his own life - his childhood in St.Louis, his career in Congress, and the lives and ideas of the many Americans he has encountered - Gephardt offers a roadmap that illuminates where we've come from, and where we need to go. Refreshingly candid, An Even Better Place is a book for everyone frustrated with the state of politics in America and everyone who believes that we can and must be better.


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