The informant : a true story

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Notes on half title page: ""Harvest King"; Wall Street Journal story; Fortune Mag.; Howard Buffet; Ronald Reagan statue; Mick Andreas godfather HHH; Fujiwara; Edgefield, S.C.; The tapes; Bob Dole; David Brinkley; Bob Strauss; William & Connelly; Mike Wilkers; Pres. Clinton. - (a PhD) Mark Whitacre - 1992 - 34 yrs. old, Pres. Bi[o]Products Div.; Terry Wilson - a hard drinking ex-marine, head corn processing division; Jim Randall - president of ADM , at company since '68, 68 yrs. old; Ajinomoto - Mimoto; Mick - b. 1948 - HHH godfather; Dwayne - 5'4" - resigned from Cargill in1952. - Dwayne A. and Mark Chevrian, FBI Academy - Honorary Chair; Chev. named ch.of Advisory Comm. - 1) What was ADM's relationship with the FBI? - Thomas Frankel footnote, p. 573. - The Japanese: Mimoto, Yamada, Yamamoto; The Koreans, The French; The Sherman Anti-trust magazine. - How much videotaping went on / How many different players [?] did ADM people meet? - p. 500: Bilderberg group; description of the weather, p. 578; Dean Paisley, p. 80." -- Notes on end flyleaf: "Dick Durbin, p. 242; Bears ticket; Howard Buffett - on the Board, didn't believe Dwayne A. was an honest man, p. 308. - Phone taps on execs' phones; William and Connolly; Aubrey Daniel III - Lt. William Calley; John Dowd - spilled drink on his pants, p. 318; what's a 302? - When Mark was in a rage - did he call you? - How did you get the psychiatrist to tell story? - not an orphan, no [?] from Cornell; Wall Street Journal story - Burton and Kilman. - Larmet Vov. - Nigeria - the key. - Why did you let Fortune scoop you on MW's tapes about FBI, p. 530? - Bipolar condition." -- Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book. Examples: p. 8: "For on that night in the summer of 1995, almost nothing was what it appeared to be." - p. 29: "Fujiwara - $10 million con? - Allen Andreas - a cousin - events will be set in motion!" - p. 260: "Howard Buffett, an ADM director, Andreas dealt with him like a child; M.W. to Buffett: we'll be running this country." - p. 460: "Mark convinced Richter not to talk ; tampering with a witness."


Eichenwald, Kurt, “The informant : a true story,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed July 16, 2019,


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The informant : a true story


Eichenwald, Kurt


Program air date: February 4, 2001 [part 1]; February 11, 2001 [part 2]


Chronicles the FBI's attempts to infiltrate one of America's most powerful corporations, using information supplied to them by one of the company's employees.


"United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation."
"Archer Daniels Midland Company--Corrupt practices."
"Commercial crimes--United States--Case studies."
"Informers--United States--Case studies."


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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