Saving Milly : love, politics, and Parkinson's Disease



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Notes on front endpapers: "You wanted [to] be important; married Oct. 7, 1967; stopped being a liberal over foreign policy issues in late 70's. - Psycho analyst for 6 years - we fought constantly. - Alcohol - D.C.; 1986: AA - no drink since. - 3 years in Army. - Michael J. Fox, Mrs. Graham. - Married for 33 years. - I am antisocial. - Story about Geo. Bush - doubling NIH budget. - Arlen Specter - stomping out of committee. - Mo Udall. - Christmas Party with Bill and Hilary. - Bill Young. - Milly: God destroyed her trust. - NIH: don't like earmarked funds. - Why did Janet Reno decline to be involved in Parkinson advocacy?" -- Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book. - Examples: In truth, though, for many years Milly was not only my best friend but my only friend." - p. 58: Milly liked Mrs. Graham but simply refused to be at her beck and call. We were regularly asked to be fixtures at her dinners." - p. 65: "A year and a month from the day I quit drinking, the first signs of Milly's Parkinson's disease appeared." - p. 140: "If you get sick, you are alone. Nobody can be with you. Nobody knows how you feel. Nobody wants to be with you that long. You are alone. No matter how much people love you, you are alone." - p. 145: "this has become my philosophy of life: do the best you can playing the hand you are dealt, and ask God's help every single step of the way."


Kondracke, Morton, “Saving Milly : love, politics, and Parkinson's Disease,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 6, 2022,


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Saving Milly : love, politics, and Parkinson's Disease


Kondracke, Morton


Program air date: June 10, 2001


Kondracke chronicles his marriage, becoming a caregiver and an activist, and the realities of "disease politics".


"Kondracke, Milly--Health."
"Parkinson's disease--Patients--United States--Biography."


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