An old wife's tale : my seven decades in love and war



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Notes from front endpapers: "b. in St. Paul. - Glass ceiling. - A democrat worked for Jackson, Moynahan. - Wiggles. - The rave. - Richard Neuhaus; Millie Morris. - If book written after WTC, would you [have] changed anything? - Ruth, Rachel, Naomi - all went to Israel - school / to live. - 4 grandchildren in Jerusalem. - Committee for the Free World - had to shut down? When? Why? - Leopold Lebedz. - 1st marriage - pulled out. - Glen Oaks Village - big impact on Decter. - Junket to Germany, Dachau. - Harpers. Commentary. - Who's angry about men? - Excuse Black criminals for their crimes, p. 183. - We were hard bitten anti-communists. - Moved to New York - late teens. - Mother / Father met because of their common interest in Zionism. - Commentary: was ideological liberal, deep hatred for communism." -- Notes from back endpapers: "Meeting with Carlis. - Real liberals. - Women's studies. - Betty Friedan. - NOW. - Hadassah, p. 21." -- Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book. - Examples: p. 53: "Contemporary women - among which I include my own generation as well as those that have come after - have been given a new and far more complicated set of responsibilities toward our children." - p. 89: "There is no doubt that women's lives have been seriously altered over the course of the last two generations. They have decisive control over reproduction, they are no longer required to be sexually demure, and they are expected, and often required, to take care of themselves financially." - p. 142: "That astonishment at the discovery of unforeseen maternal passion would turn out to be a very heavy nail in the coffin of ideological feminism." - p. 234: "I am certain that part of our deep discomfort in this most comfortable of all possible worlds has to do with our having fallen into a potentially very dangerous combination of arrogance and deep bewilderment."


Decter, Midge, “An old wife's tale : my seven decades in love and war,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 3, 2022,


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An old wife's tale : my seven decades in love and war


Decter, Midge


Program air date: October 7, 2001


Midge Decter's commentary about communists and feminists written in the form of a memoir.


"Decter, Midge."
"Wives--United States--Biography."
"Women--United States--History."


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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