Crashing the party : taking on the corporate government in an age of surrender



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Notes from endpapers and half title page: "Summer as migrant worker / student; Princeton. - Practiced law in Hartford, taught at U. of Hartford. - Jerry Brown, p. 69. - David Halberstam - my boyhood chum. - Warren Beatty, p. 72. - Nader put in $40,000 of his own money. - Ballot access, p. 74. - The debates - dictacrats - CPD, p. 220. - Cold feet syndrome - voters want to vote for winners, p. 137. - 43 states on ballot. - Clamor needs contrasts to have an effect. - Gore called Donahue from AF Two to try to persuade him to vote for him. - Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., p. 143. - Found it more difficult to speak to supporters, p. 148. - I have "an aversion to anything that sounds like pandering". - 95 minute acceptance speech. - Flown coach for over 40 years. - Ch. 2: Grew up in Winstead, CN, 25 miles from Hartford. - Mom read us history. - Our family restaurant, bakery; never intended to run for office; wanted to be an attorney. - Gave graduation speech in the 8th grade about John Muir. - In High School became absorbed in the history of muckrakers; lost too many friends in High School and college to auto accidents. - When did you hitchhike? - Went to Plains in 1976 to visit Jimmy Carter. - What did you think of the Microsoft case? - What did you think of regulatory agencies? - Attempted to meet with Al Gore - letters, phone calls, never met him. - "Gore's disingenuousness", p. 52. - 1998: Hartford - Gov. Rowland - 500 million deal to move New England Patriots. - Toledo - Chrysler Jeep plants - tax free land deal. - Ch. 8: Richard Goodwin, a law school classmate, held a fundraiser in Concord. - Goals in campaign: ballot access, pres. debates, 5 percent of vote, p. 117. - What kind of room do you like to speak in? Same level or slightly elevated? What do you think of the website interview? - 1996: 700,000 votes Green Party. - Campaign takes shape. - I am a Brandeis brief type of person. - A campaign is not a vehicle for an ego. - Southwest Airlines - you endorse it, p. 113. - Why has it been so successful? - Henry Waxman meeting - vote on China. - Call from Clinton: "Henry, I know the WTO sucks". - New York Times editorial board did not invite you. - Ch.4: Warren Beatty, p. 55. - Ego / charisma. - You thought words from McCain "remarkable". - Feb. 21: not one single word of my announcement on the 3 networks. - Taste in your mouth where you started dialing for dollars. - What do you think of FEC? - Geo. McGovern called me in 1972, p. 36. - Called Clinton asking for a 5 min. phone conversation - declined." -- Notes from back flyleaf and back endpapers: "Ch. 10: Blackbird journalism. - In the 90's Ralph Reed was on the Sunday programs 20 times more than I was. - Chasms in the Post coverage. - NY Times against my candidacy. - Why no 60 minutes piece ? Mike Wallace voted for Nader. - Ch. 11: Visceral aversion to addressing a large audience as a crowd. - Green candidates do not use teleprompters. - Mother Rose shook Prescott Bush's hand, made him promise, p. 209. - Frenetic pace makes you want to [?] mind numbing staccato delivery. - Senator Henry Reid - p. 206: Jim Hightower's comments and Maria Cantwell wins with 103,000 Green votes in Wash. - Ch. 13: Ad signed by 34 Profs. writers - 100 % false. - Sol Price vs. Bernard Rapoport: "A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush". - Stan Greenberg poll: 25% would have voted Bush, 38% would have voted Gore; the rest would not have voted. - My friend Fred Baron of Trial lawyers urged people not to vote for me. - You call Democratic Leadership Council - anti-Union. - After election trial lawyers closed contribution to a number of citizen groups that I sponsor. - Jesse told you in '98 he was going to run. - Gloria Steinem distorted my record - a friend who over the years [was] unresponsive to my pleas she take on deep pattern of sexism, p. 255. - Ch.14: Oprah. - The conservative Brookings Institution. - Priceless Truth ad - MasterCard parody. - Vote swapping scheme. - 2 most exciting audiences: Madison and Cooper Union. - Not invited to speak to NAACP convention." -- Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book.


Nader, Ralph, “Crashing the party : taking on the corporate government in an age of surrender,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 6, 2022,


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Crashing the party : taking on the corporate government in an age of surrender


Nader, Ralph


Program air date: February 3, 2002


A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the presidential campaign of one of America's most effective social critics details what it takes to fight the two-party juggernaut.


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