Falling up : how a redneck helped invent political consulting

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Notes on front and back endpapers include biographical information on the author's family background, his education and career as a political consultant, as well as references to politicians who hired him and his opinions of them, e.g. Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Richard M. Daley of Chicago, Martha Layne Collins who ran for governor of Kentucky, Mississippi Senator John Stennis, Louisiana candidate for governor Paul Hardy, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Paul Simon among others. Bill Clinton is referred to as the first consultant-dependent candidate; of Gary Hart the author states that "he cared more about this country than any politician I'd ever met". Other notes refer to anecdotes and memorable incidents related to the author's work with these politicians, e.g. the eventful making of a successful TV campaign commercial on Social Security that was almost ruined during the editing process and which the author then left behind in an airport phone booth. -- These questions and quotes are also included in the notes: "Why was John Stennis great and good?" - "In Washington there are only selected truths one can tell." -- "I have always had a smart mouth." -- "I was a slick, Porsche driving thrill-seeking bon vivant." -- "I had to get the hell out of Louisiana." - "What was the Silver Bullet? - a commercial about being angry." - "Best political consultant I've ever worked with: deceased Bill Morgan or Bob Squier or Joe Napolitan, not James Carville." - Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book. A sheet of paper listing four clips from commercials by Ray Strother is included with the book. "Published in cooperation with the Kevin P. Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs."


Strother, Raymond, “Falling up : how a redneck helped invent political consulting ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed June 19, 2019, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/622.


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Falling up : how a redneck helped invent political consulting


Strother, Raymond


Program air date: June 1, 2003


Growing Up in Texas "Get the Hell Out of Here. You Have a Future" The Louisiana Years A Short Sheriff and a Long Pistol The First Lessons Light Bulbs and Bookmarks Sunshine Rains on Me James Carville and Iceberg Lettuce The Awakening Season of Discontent The Kingfish Lends a Hand What Is It You Do, Sir? I Know Lloyd Bentsen, and He Is a Friend of Mine A Pretty Woman with a Smudge on Her Cheek The Clock Ticks The Wise Ones Stumble Again Bill, Hillary, Al, and the Gang Buddy Roemer and the Silver Bullet Where Dreams Go When They Die Marriage on the Rocks, Up with a Twist Kicking Ass and Taking Names Buying Friends and Influencing People Blue Chips, Dwarfs, and Survival The Sea Creatures Crawl to the Shore The Chill Winds of September. The political consultant describes his life and career, first in Louisiana politics and then advising such presidential candidates as Gary Hart and Bill Clinton.


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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