The collected poetry of Nikki Giovanni, 1968-1998

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In laid notes taken by Brian Lamb while listening to a CD of spoken word by Nikki Giovanni. These notes are referred to in the Booknotes transcript from Lamb's interview with the author. Examples include: “Emmett Till,” “Lawn jockey for the right, Clarence Thomas,” “because I'm a 60's person,” “childhood memories are a pain when you are black,” “fan of Tupac Shakur,” “Tupac - was an honest broker,” “Thug life - tattoo dedicated on my arm,” “I would rather be with the thugs than the ones destroying them,” and “I was a Bobby fan. He had balls. He stood for something.” Underlining of pertinent phrases throughout book. Brief notes on front page: “'Black feeling Black Talk' - privately printed in 1968,” “borrowed from family - 2000 copies printed.” “Poetry intended to be read aloud.” “Cancer,” and “Child.”


Giovanni, Nikki, “The collected poetry of Nikki Giovanni, 1968-1998 ,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed July 16, 2019,


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The collected poetry of Nikki Giovanni, 1968-1998


Giovanni, Nikki


Program air date: February 8, 2004


For the first time ever, the complete poetry collection spanning three decades from Nikki Giovanni, renowned poet and one of America's national treasures. When her poems first emerged during the Black Arts Movement, in the 1960s, Nikki Giovanni immediately took her place among the most celebrated, controversial and influential poets of the era. Now, more than thirty years later, Giovanni still stands as one of the most commanding, luminous voices to grace America's political and poetic landscape.


"African American women--Poetry."


Brian Lamb Booknotes Collection
Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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