Benjamin Rush: patriot and physician.



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Extensive notes on front and back endpapers, half-title page concerning Rush's family life, marriage, education, personality, medical practices, loss of patients, enemies, experiences as a patriot and a member of the Continental Congress, correspondence with John Adams, as an educator and writer, religiosity, and beliefs on the mentally ill. Brian Lamb notes that according to Rush, Americans belonged in 5 classes Rank Tory, Moderate Man, Timid Whigs, Furious Whigs, and Staunch Wigs; that Rush wrote on 1) prison reform, 2) opposition to capital punishment for felons, 3) better education for women, 4) evils of slavery/liquor/tobacco, 5) need to abolish loyalty oaths, 6) obligation to extend charity to the less fortunate. Other examples of notes include: “bleeding - not abandoned the theory - Dr. Vampire,” “Stamp Act - at 19 Rush felt antagonism toward England,” “Aug 1766 - sailed for Liverpool,” “Shipper's court martial 3 1/2 years later,” “Rush for independence,” “signed Declaration of Independence 2 Aug 1776,” “slavery opposition,” “Rush moves to restore Adams/Jefferson friendship,” “wanted capital in Philly,” “Washington would never put him in the government,” “Rush's diagnosis was wrong,” “lost most of his patients,” “feud between Shipper and Rush and Morgan,” “the city Presbyterians vs. rural Presbyterians,” “outspoken 'feminist,'” “Rush's mantra 'All will end well,'” and “he wanted Adams as first President.” Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book. Examples include: “Boston Tea Party,” “madly in love,” “sought to remove Washington,” “left Princeton to return to Congress,” “contempt for Shipper,” “required religion,” “wish to include Supreme Being,” and “healed the breach,” Brian Lamb asks: “Why was he removed from Congress?” “What was the Conway Cabal?” “When did he begin to criticize General Washington to Adams?”


Brodsky, Alyn, “Benjamin Rush: patriot and physician.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 6, 2022,


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Benjamin Rush: patriot and physician.


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