Deadlines past: forty years of presidential campaigning, a reporter's story.



Transcription of Annotations

Extensive notes on front and back endpapers, half-title and verso concerning the 46 years Mears spent as a reporter, most of it with the Associated Press and the 11 presidential campaigns he covered. Brian Lamb's notes largely highlight the experiences of the author on the campaign trail, with presidential candidates ranging from John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to George W. Bush and Al Gore, as well as the author's observations on the public's changing perceptions of politicians and presidents. Examples include: “On Nixon plane - he sat in 1st class looked straight ahead,” “After JFK - trust and confidence in national leaders has suffered,” “RFK assassination - saw a AP reporter walking dazed,” “Nixon most fascinating figure I encountered as a political reporter,” “1977 - Pulitzer for later campaign reporting,” “Ford won 15 primaries RR 12,” “1980 - a pivot point in American politics,” “Day RR shot - most memorable of my time (7 years) at AP bureau,” “took adultery out of the bedroom Gary Hart,” “Pat Robertson / Bob Dole / Pete du Pont,” “Quayle - played golf with him often,” “92' campaign - my first as a fulltime columnist,” “Tricky Dick meet Slick Willie,” “Clinton 43 / 38 Bush / Perot 19,” “Wasn't going to play the gotcha game,” and “My last interview as a reporter was Bush in Midland.” Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book.


Mears, Walter R, “Deadlines past: forty years of presidential campaigning, a reporter's story.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed May 23, 2022,


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Deadlines past: forty years of presidential campaigning, a reporter's story.


Mears, Walter R


Program air date: January 11, 2004


Journalist Walter Mears' account of previous presidential campaigns that he covered.


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