The approaching fury: voices of the storm, 1820-1861.



Transcription of Annotations

Notes on front endpapers: Why Washington City. Black Republicans. Missouri compromise. Freeport Doctrine. Fugitive slave law. Nebraska Doctrine. Dred Scott decision. Kansas Nebraska Act. Lecompton, Wilmot Proviso. The English bill. Chase amendment. Crittenden compromise. Davis Grubb's The Voice of Glory p. 478. Robert Altman's films. Nashville--short cuts. p. 215 Lecompton--to floor/drinking/Black Republican Puppy/tears. Approaching fury p 290. American Colonization Society. Congressional non-intervention (the founders according to Douglas). Jeff Davia--one eye. JamesChestnut's father--slave Rachel. Henry Clay lost Gdaughters. [Lamb checks some of the entries on the contents page. Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: Oates's method, Lamb's underlinings add details to the notes--facts, thoughts of the 13 'characters' in the book. Notes: "13 players," "Hal Holbrook," "Julie Harris," "Allen Nevins," "SAD swearing," "Nat Turner," "First person account," "77 yrs. old," "free my own slaves but not practical," "diffusion," "welcomes death," "MO slave; ME free," "owned 60 slaves," "60 daughters died," "American Colonization Society 1816," "Jerusalem, Virginia," "rage began," "slay my enemies," "Aug 21, 1831, kill all the white people," "axes," "slain 60 whites," "I was 22," "jail for 49 days," "May 1830," "1820 to 1830 Free person of color," "1833 A. anti-Slavery Society," "Gag rules," "Helen Benson," "Wedded Sept 4, 1834," "clergy was hostile to the cause," "didn't want women," "nullification," "1836. 70 slaves," "Floride, 3 children died," "Van Buren in the W.H.; Whig Party," "1840 rejoined Dem.," "Clay," "Senate speech 1839," "Civil War?," "Calhoun," "William Henry Harrison," "I resigned," "lost to Polk 1844," "1844 Sec. of State," "Cal.," "Britain & Texas," "Texas annexed," "retired 63 yrs old," "equality is rubbish," "Frederick Douglass," "North Star," "1845 re-elected to Senate," "a duel," "against the Mexican War," "West Point," "Henry Jr. to war," "sons," "Henry dead," "beloved by the people," "run in '48," "Zachary Taylor," "1849 elected to Senate again," "lung fever," "inkly water 'black vomit'," "six year Charles," "died," "Gar. letter to Clay," "1848 Lincoln," "Jan. 15 1849 Address to the Southern people," "Cal collapses," "80 slaves," "Calf., N.M. free states," "dying of lung sickness," "Back to the Senate, 1849," "63 Ballots for Speaker," "Jeff. Davis," "Daniel Webster visit," "8 resolutions," "day of speech," "Clay almost 73," "Fugitive Slave Bill," "North's aggression against South," "Cal died Mar 31," "1852 Clay 'took sick'," "Fugitive Slave law," "hired out to Edward Covey," "seized Covey," "married Anna Murray," "trains, ride in the boxcar," "London 2 years," "Dec. 12, 1846 'free man'," "Assail Clay," "John Brown," "1851 Broke with Garrison," "Constitution," "anxiety," "1852 endorsed John Hale Free-Soilers," "Miss Julia," "Mormons legalized slavery," "Brunswick, Maine," "Bowdoin," "1850 7th child," "1st Charley died," "cold winter," "40 yrs old," "a slave Eliza Harris," "started sheltering slaves," "Eliza Buck," "Uncle Tom, Simon Legree," "drew from Frederick Douglass's life," "finished U.T. C. late 52," "initial printing 5000 copies," "1853 305,000 copies," "resident of Port Royal, VA," "Mrs. Stowe loathed her," "9 children," "men not equal," "debate with Phillips, New Haven," "Compromise of 1850," "F-word," "1853 wife died," "Jan 54," "Davis, cold stuffed man," "Chase," "prick," "shit," "Kansas Nebraska Bill," "buried Constitution," "spoke in Springfield," "Liberia," "George Fitzhugh," "Lincoln," "1856 Republican Party," "Preston Brooks," "Kansas massacre," "1st wife and 9 of 20 children died," "Elijah Lovejoy," "fugitive slave act," "Charles Sumner beaten," "the Doyle cabin," "chopping blows, shot Doyles in the head," "Wilkinson slashed his throat," "William Sherman, brains seeping in the water," "killed my son Frederick," "Autumn 1856," "Sumner," "wanted nomination," "Buchanan gets nod," "popular sovereignty," "Adele Cutts me-43, her-21," "Bright 'a pimp'," "Dred Scott discussion," "court nullify pop. sov.," "June 1857 spoke in Springfield," "Negroes 'inferior race'," "June 26 answers speech," "June 26 State House speech," "Dred Scot wrong," "natural disgust of white people," "mulattos," "Rep. v. Dem.," "non-resistance," "Moral suasion," "Bowie knife," "950 pikes," "G.D. outrage," "lying S.O.B.," "new House, 300 desks, 1200 spectators," "Buchanan driven crazy," "Davis threatened 'discussions," "Adele miscarriage," "House sessions 'drinking', 'Black Rep Puppy'," "tears, 'Grow punched Kitt to the floor'," "face rubbed in shit," "4 weeks, blindfolded speechless," "Seward," "moral midget," "J. Davis," "Carried into the Senate," "Kansas not a state," "married 1845, childless for 7 years, Sam died, opinionated," "aroused," "Buena Vista, wounded," "Frank Pierce's Sec. of War," "Douglas 'ambition'," "the Presidency," "Greeley praised Douglas," "A.L. a house divided," "Stephen, Franklin, Roger, James," "invade Virginia," "ready to die," "civil war," "money not advice," " Chatham, Canada 1858 secret convention," "speech," "vindictive shit," "homecoming," "start of a 4 mouth campaign," "slimy turd," "Lincoln speaks next night, didn't say anything about slavery," "hug Negroes," "asked for 50 debates, 7 times," "G.D. liar," "Ottawa," "G.D. Hick," "nigger equality," "Freeport," "Fred D. and a white woman," "asshole to Adam's apple," "no equality for Black races," "Jan 1859 1000 spectators," "Kansas and slavery," "the name Joseph," "51st B.D.," "lost eyesight," "time for war," "Harper's Ferry," "Douglass defected," "Oct 16, 16 whites, 5 negroes," "killed the mayor," "Federal troops," "Dec. 2 hanging day," "trip to England," "Garrison comes to our view," "Republicans planned the attack," "Seward speech," "J.D. armed men in the lobbies, committee report," "run for President," "57 ballots," "southerners are crazy," "castrate the bastard," "Senate '64," "Lincoln Republican and Democrats," "21 of 39 voted to exclude slavery for territories," "Cincinnati speech," "Brown might be wrong," "Jan 1960 Judd launched my campaign," "Feb. '60," "new black suit," "John Brown no Republican," "Cooper Union," "gets the promotion," "Bolters elect Breckinridge," "Lincoln, Bell, Breckinridge, Douglas," "fusion candidate," "Lincoln during campaign, stay in Springfield," "free love, free nigger," "Nov. 6 election day," "son drowned," "invite no war," "30 of us signed the address, ill," "fatheaded weasel," "comm of 13, Dec. 20 S.C. seceded," "Crittenden plan," "Thurlow Weed," "under estimated Southern discomfort," "support for Crittenden's proposal," "peevish turd," "Seward's amendment," "no cause for dissolution," "secession is wrong," "Miss, Florida, Ala next," "In Senate chamber Bowie knives, revolvers," "Ga, La, Tx," "could not stop shaking," "J.D. to F. Pierce," "Jan. 21 resignation in Senate," "a long war," "convention in Montgomery," "President?" "Departure for WASH," "Speech Springfield," "a sop to the upper South," "Robert's satchel with Inaugural address," "the bag," "2 week journey," "Mary and me," "the bend," "the train ride," "Inaugural address," "negro not equal," "James' father, slave Rachel, 14 children," "opium," "men fell in love with me," "corruption in office," "Humorless Chestnut and Davis," "I hated laver," "Lincoln 'an insidious villain'," "hated each other so," "morphine and Mary," "Feb 17, 1861," "gauche, hicks," "liberty," "Balt plot to assassinate," "filthy and smelly," "hate mail," "my cabinet," "SAD visit," "at inauguration," "the speech, on slaves," "danced with Mary," "need 20,000 men at Ft. Sumter," "Seward," "we were firing first shot," "Beauregard had to reduce the fort," "75,000 militia," "left alone," "slavery 1/8 of nation."


Oates, Stephen B, “The approaching fury: voices of the storm, 1820-1861.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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The approaching fury: voices of the storm, 1820-1861.


Oates, Stephen B


Program air date: April 27, 1997


Story of the coming of the American Civil War through the voices and from the viewpoints of thirteen principal players in the drama ... : [Thomas] Jefferson, [Henry] Clay, [Stephen A.] Douglas, [Jefferson] Davis, [Abraham] Lincoln, Nat Turner, William Lloyd Garrison, John C. Calhoun, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Fitzhugh, John Brown, and Mary Boykin Chesnut--Dust jacket.


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