Hill rat: blowing the lid off Congress.



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Notes on front endpapers: Democratic Club; Former member/Revise and extend my remarks; floor access; WASH campers; Parking tickets/Rent money for office; Tom Luker--Merchant Marine Hymn; Foley/Gephardt/Gingrich--319; Christmas gifts from lobbyists; Luker; Maddox; Coleman; Jim Wright--Coleman supported him; Honoraria --travel. Notes/underlinings: 435 Gods who walk--George Warren--House Foreign Affairs Committee aide dies from heart attack while waiting for ambulance--ambulance reserved for members sat unused. Smug, arrogant--power. Members--bothersome necessities--Hill rats endure/prevail. Power may corrupt, but absolute power is a blast. Staff marks. 1934 992 congressional staffers; 9,683 in 1989 total number of congressional employees more than 15,000. July 1991, 130 staffers making from $100,000-$115,092. Democratic Club, private, no journalists, no photographs. House today, self-interest is the system. American Association of Political Consultants membership--risen from fifty in 1980 to 700 in 1990. 1790 only half of members sought reelection; 94% sought reelection in 1988. Former members regularly become lobbyists. The Hill insulates and protects. Thomas "Duke" Luken--evil. 1. No boss/job ever too bad after Luken; 2. Take Hill on its own terms--use rather than fight power; 3. Luken taught to investigate anything down to smallest lead. Congressional Town Hall Meetings--allowed to mail postcards with Coleman's name/photograph to every mailbox in congressional district--for free. 1988 United Press International--73 members of Congress placed relatives on House payroll. Congressman Coleman did not read, study, deal with staff, attend briefings or legislative staff meetings--depended on staff. When a USA Today reporter called to interview Coleman--Jackley fed the congressman answers. Special Orders.


Jackley, John L, “Hill rat: blowing the lid off Congress.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022, http://booknotes.gmu.edu/items/show/688.


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Hill rat: blowing the lid off Congress.


Jackley, John L


Program air date: June 21, 1992.


Former congressional aide John Jackley's account of alleged corruption in the United States Congress.


"United States. Congress--Ethics."


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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