Frank and Jesse James: the story behind the legend.


Yeatman, Ted P, “Frank and Jesse James: the story behind the legend.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed July 20, 2018,


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Frank and Jesse James: the story behind the legend.


Yeatman, Ted P


Program air date: October 28, 2001


Biography of Frank and Jesse James.


Trancription of Annotations

Notes from front endpapers: "What was the Oath of Allegiance? - What are "bleeding Kansas Days"? - 1) 1874: Jesse marries Zerelda (Zee) by Uncle William, p. 119. - 2) Frank marries Annie (Anna) same summer as Jesse. - Pinkerton agent killed at James Farm. - Cole, Jim, John and Bob - younger sons of Judge Henry Washington Younger. - What was the James legend? - Gads Hill - lived in Baltimore - 1 year. - 1876 Turning point for Frank and Jesse. - Frank James, b. Jan. 10, 1843, d. 1915 (72); Jesse James b. Sept. 27, 1847, d. April 1882 (35). - Aug. 18, 1850: their father Robert dies of fever in CA (33 yrs. old). - 1855: Zerella (mother) marries Dr. Reuben Samuel - her 3rd. - She owned slaves. - Missouri: South vs. North - guerrilla war sets in; Frank joins Quantrill and guerillas. - Unionists raid James-Samuel farm - hang Reuben until he tells them where guerillas are hiding, p. 39; 15 yr. Jesse present. - Frank's first stick-up Aug. 1863, six miles west of Liberty. - 1863: Jesse blew off middle (tip) finger left hand. - Brig. Gen. Thomas Ewing - brother in law of William Tecumseh Sherman - he issued Gen. Order No. 11 - Appendix A. - Jesse probably joined guerillas in 1864, p. 50. - Jesse shot in chest by man whose saddle was being stolen. - 1874/75: The politics of Missouri: Union - slave / Confederate - non-slave, p. 125. - The railroad - private vs. public - public distrusted politicians who some felt [were] as dishonest as bandits. - 16 years of outlawry: 1866-1882. - Winston robbery case - August 21, 1883. - Show trial - independence - moved Gallatin, Mo. - Dick Liddil testified against James, a man who liked to quote Shakesp.; 16 day trial - acquitted after 3 1/2 hours. - Northfield; Gallatin bank robbery; Blue cut case; Muscle shoals affair; Otterville robbery case dropped. - William Clarke Quantrill, died June 6, 1865, buried in Louisville, 1887 remains shipped to Dover, OH. - Frank moved to Nevada, Mo in 1885, moved to Dallas 1887. - John Newman Edwards dies of heart attack in Jeff. City, May 4, 1889. - Bob Ford who shot Jesse was shot by a man names Ed in Col., ten years after killing J. - The gunfight at Harbison Place; marked end of James' gang." -- Notes from half title page: "Pinkerton and Abe Lincoln / Geo. McClellan; TR shooting in 1912; Hayes elected Pres., end of Reconstruction. - Panic of 1873. - Civil War. - U.S. Grant personal sec. Orville Babcock, censored incoming mail - St. Louis. - Collis P. Huntington; John Bell - area voted for him in 1860." - Notes from back endpapers: "1876/77 - p. 194: Because of Pres. Hayes sudden end to Reconstruction, move to TN. - Alias: Dave Howard for Jesse - Humphreys County; Ben Woodson for Frank - Nashville. - Race horses: Red Fox for Howard, Rebel for Woodson. - Allan Pinkerton - wrote books - ghost writers memoirs. - Killed in St. Joseph, Apr. 1882; killed by Robert Ford; Oscar Wilde in St. Joe on Apr. 19. - J. Frank Dalton alias Jesse James; Stella James fights imposters. - The Younger - James Wild West Show, p. 301. - Col. Younger gets out of prison after 25 years; admitted to bank robberies only one, p. 309 - Huntington, W.V. - Frank turned down for doorman at Missouri legislature. - Exhumation - 1995 - Clay County. - July 17 - media event. - No metal coffin from 1902 reburied - rotten wood; 14 teeth found, part of skull, .36 caliber ball near right rib cage.- Report in Nashville, 1996: bullet hole in head .44 or .45, no opiates. - A populist anti-hero, a Robin Hood - stole from the rich, gave to poor. - Annotations by Brian Lamb in the margins and underlining of pertinent phrases throughout the book.


"James, Jesse, 1847-1882."
"James, Frank, 1844-1915."
"Outlaws--West (U.S.)--Biography."
"Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.)"


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