The party : a guide to adventurous entertaining.

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Notes on front endpapers: Godparents of Quinn: Art Buchwald, Ann Pincus, Nora Ephron, Ed Williams. Mother's strokes, father's cancer, still entertain. People make parties! What's the gristle seat. P. 158 What's a safe house. Georgetown, East Hampton, Porto Bello. Strom Thurmond's hand. What's the Golden rule? What happened to Barbara Howan. Pam Harriman--a party always has to have a serious agenda. Have a reason for a party--wedding party. New Year's Eve party--15 years ago. Best funeral Larry Stern. Worst faux pas-seating one winner/one dog p 32. Most W.H. parties are dull. Gwen Cafritz Cong Joe Casey for Labor Sec. p 37. Bill Safire--turned my back on him. Bustrip to Greenspan wedding--Jim Lehere/Colin P./Bill Safire/David Brinkley. Amb Bruce lying on the bed trying to make out with B. Howar p. 100. Living in Wash--my whole life is a Seminar. Arianna Huffington's "Spiritual Party" (Critical Mass dinner tape recorded) p 175. Frank Church/Harriman party--separation of Ladies and men p 176. [Verso] Party drinking-switching to water. Coffee kills a party. Evangline Bruce--Sunday brunches. When did the waiter get drunk. Pavrotti--couldn't eat one thing. Gristle seat. Safe house--Joe Alsop, Iranian embassy. Movie Stars--rude/never show up. Sexual energy is a big element of a good party. Notes on front fly sheet: Sister Doma lived with Warren Hoge. Reporters covering your party--at your peril p 192. Steve Martindale. Bubble gum party sculpture--my parents had to play it. President one hour late--private party. Philadelphia Rat F- Carl Bernstein-having an affair with wife of Peter Jay--married to Nora Ephron. Party of Rowlie and Kay Evans' snowed in on Israeli Amb., Margaret Carlson's Georgetown parties--best informed parties in town. Ben's 70th B day--where did you have it, why did you wake up in a cold sweat. [Verso]: Rudest man I ever met Jack Kent Cooke, Mrs. Ben Bradlee. Hodding Carter--drinking pants. Tom and Meredith--they entertain elegantly. An insecure Rockefeller- p 74. Sandra Gotlieb slapped her social secretary. Vince Foster suicide p 65 Apple/Hunt/Thomas/Pincus/Gergan. Saturday night massacre. What are Kay Graham party's like. Dick and Katie 40 guests. Holbrooke, Marton, President was there. Madeline Albright, Jim Lehrer, Sandy Berger, Vernon Jordan. Notes on title page: How do you back out of a party--Susan and David Brinkley. Joe Alsop and leeks. Cut the gauze off the lemon-prospective CEO drink finger bowl water. Fork and knife separation on the plate. Notes on dedication page: Colin Powell and Larry King at our New Year's Party, I'm not the source Colin. Walter and Ann Pincus party for Ward Jest. Pres was there 16 people. Walter starts to tell stories. Lamb checks book sections on the contents page. Underlinings/Notes: Highlight important newsmakers, friends, social gaffes, party tips and memorable events and changes in Washington society. Notes: "Cherif," "Golden rule," "Southern hospitality," "Call me a hostess anytime," "Good time!" "Steve Martindale's party," "party for Barry Sr. and Jr.," "lead to call from Ben Bradlee," "marriage to Ben," "need a reason for a party," "Book parties," "Richard Cohen," "best funeral, Larry Stein," "guests are everything," " Sen. John Heinz, seating," "celebrities," "W.H. stiff," "Shah's 25th anniversary," "Get over it," "Bad idea," "give your name," "rudest men Jack K. Cooke," "Mrs. Ben Bradlee," "forgetting names," "rat fuck," "Bill Safire," "congressman caught with a transvestite prostitute," "6 p.m. earliest," "Katie Karton," "Dick Holbrooke," "President," "Kay Graham party," "Wahat no food," "Pam H to my mother," "after 8:30 food plates," "New Year's," "Barry Gold retirement dinner," "Black tie optional," "invitation a nightmare," "Tony Kornheiser," "6 year old boring," "Dick Cavett, hurricane," "Warren Hoge, Johnson's resignation," "1973 Art Buchwald," "Saturday night massacre," "1993 Vince Foster suicide," "Meg Greenfield," "go with flow," "Rob Reiner," "O.J. state of the Union," "keep the TV on," "Quinn 15," "1986 Sondra Gottlieb, Canadian embassy," "slapped her social secretary," "open heart surgery," "party after Mobil verdict and Quinn's surgery, David Kendall," "little ditty from a Rockefeller," "Smith College," "Mondale," "Colin Powell," "Tom and Meredith Brokaw, Manhattan/Montana," "Ben's 70th 250 people at Porto Bello," "3 A.M. Sunday," "party in too small a place," "Margaret Carlson," "15 min. conversation," "private retirement," "tent party/too cold, too noisy," "Ford party at French embassy."


Quinn, Sally, “The party : a guide to adventurous entertaining.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed June 19, 2019,


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The party : a guide to adventurous entertaining.


Quinn, Sally


Program air date: December 28, 1997


Author Sally Quinn's book about entertaining.




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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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