Treason in the blood: H. St. John Philby, Kim Philby, and the spy case of the century.

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Notes on back endpaper: Aldrich Ames. The Economist. The Times. The Third Man--Guy Burgess, Don MacLean. 1963 Philby defected to Soviet Union. The Master Plan--Lee Harvey Oswald. Malcolm Muggeridge. Gorodetsky. Harvey's restaurant. Angleton and Philby. Underlinings/Notes: Underlings: St. John's family background, education, marriage, work and separation from the British diplomatic/social service, conversion to Islam, and communism. Lamb also marks passages on Kim Philby's life, education and his dual careers with British/Soviet intelligence, his time in Washington, relationship with the CIA. Soviets never fully trusted British Marxist spies--Philby, Burgess, Maclean. Notes: "Saudi Oil Lease," "anti-imperialist," "British SS 9 yrs., Russian 16," "1949 he was 37," "Russian view," "Angleton," "Philby on CIA and FBI,""Eaton meets Smith," "Points against Philby," "Philby to Ireland," "Philby returns to British intelligence," "Kim 44; Soviet agent for 22 years."


Brown, Anthony Cave, “Treason in the blood: H. St. John Philby, Kim Philby, and the spy case of the century.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed October 22, 2019,


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Treason in the blood: H. St. John Philby, Kim Philby, and the spy case of the century.


Brown, Anthony Cave


Program air date: January 15, 1995


Kim Philby has been called "one of the most remarkable double-agents to have been exposed in our time." Harry St. John Bridger Philby, Kim Philby's father and mentor, was one of the most intriguing intellectuals and adventurers of our time, a manipulator who played a key role in establishing the modern Middle East. In this dual biography, Anthony Cave Brown, tells the extraordinary story of two men whose lives were directly opposed to the establishment into which they were born and for which they were bred. St. John, the brilliant Arabist, became a Moslem and political adviser to King Ibn Saud. He was the middleman in the U.S. acquisition of the Saudi oil concession, called by the State Department "the greatest commercial prize in the history of the planet." And as St. John turned to Mecca, Kim turned to the Kremlin, serving as a secret agent against the Anglo-American intelligence services for fifty-three years.


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