Rogue states and nuclear outlaws: America's search for a new foreign policy.



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Notes on front endpaper: Military needs to explain Somalia type questions not 2 MRC typo. Crisis control establishment is what should be the focus. Bottom up review. Weapons of Mass Destruction--nonproliferation. What should we do about nuclear weapons. What was the Powell plan. What's the Rogue doctrine? Underlinings/Notes: Underlinings: $11.5 trillion for military appropriations 1947-1989. American weapons designed with Soviet capabilities in mind. 1980 Pentagon spending $143.9 billion--$294.7 billion in 1985. Composition of US armed forces by service in 1989. Powell's instructions to Joint Chiefs of Staff never made public. 1950 to 1990 US sold/gave $168 billion in arms/military equipment to Third World states. Details of increases in arms among Third World states. Proliferation of WMD. Gulf conflict test of Rogue Doctrine. Lessons: hi-tech works; air power rules battlefield; all 4 military service needed; enhanced strategic mobility essential. Military victory does not always produce political solutions; US dependent on foreign allies to carry out military plans abroad; circumstances of Operation Desert Storm were unique--dubious model for future conflicts. Notes: "General Powell,""Yr 2000, 15 nations ballistic weapons," "two enemies strategy," "DOD insures positive interpretation of Desert Storm,""White man's burden."


Klare, Michael T, “Rogue states and nuclear outlaws: America's search for a new foreign policy.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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Rogue states and nuclear outlaws: America's search for a new foreign policy.


Klare, Michael T


Program air date: April 30, 1995


Michael T. Klare's book is a critical analysis of Pentagon strategy in the post-Cold War era and shows how the Pentagon's planners have created a new agenda that will justify Cold War levels of spending.


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