The last innocent year, America in 1964: the beginning of the "sixties".



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Notes on front endpapers and half-title: Arlen Specter--Warren Commission Staff. LBJ vs. RFK. V.P. statement-tape p 281. Tonkin Gulf. US Officials quoted p 291. P 296--You say we weren't attacked Charles? Stockdale. Phone-taps--FBI. Miss delegation MLK, RFK. Lamb has a list of numbers 1-26 with some checked. Who did you interview? Freedom summer--Mississippi. Robert Morse, Chaney, Schwerner. War on poverty--Shriver. Vietnam War. SNCC--Jack Ruby killed Lee H. Oswald. Civil Rights Bill. Tuesday May 11 2 p.m. RFK--The Prince Pretender. Barry Goldwater, J. Edgar Hoover, Martin Luther King, Deke DeLoach, Sargent Shriver. John Steinbeck, speechwriter for LBJ. Phone call from LBJ p 309 to needy--will not run. Sept 7--The daisy ad” p 327. Bill Moyers--Bishop (329), DeLoach FBI operation at Atlantic City. Thurmond becomes a Republican. The Beatles tour Sept. 19. LSD Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsburg. Clif White. Reporters--Goldwater--convention. P 279 liberal press--their sentiment was not without foundation. Johnson and Jackie 4th of July p 258. You called James Reston--a flawed prediction 337. Mario Savio/Jack Weinberg--never trust anyone over 30. Walter Jenkins--YMCA bathroom. Sam Rayburn--death bed story--nigger, nigger, nigger. Campaigning in New Orleans. Lady Bird--phone conversation on Jenkins. Khrushchev--ousted by Brezhnev. Andy Warhol, Tom Wolfe. The Great Society p 216--where did it come from. Richard Goodwin--original source 1914. Warren Commission--Richard Russell, Earl Warren. Notes/Underlinings: Idea behind the book. LBJ/RFK. Oswald murdered, TV, Geo. Wallace, Aldous Huxley, Eugene McCarthy, Jim Rowe, Roy Wilkins, . SDS, Clift White, Rocky, civil rights, Johnson treatment, Michael Goldwasser, Unions, Bayard Rustin. Bobby and J. Edgar Hoover. Time's Man of the Year, Martin Luther King. Freidan, Phyllis Schafly, Levittown. Descriptions of fashion, culture--music. Court cases, missile gap, War on Poverty, Cuba, LSD, Vietnam, Nixon and Romney, Allen Dulles, Fannie Hamer, Tonkin Gulf resolution. KKK spy.


Margolis, Jon, “The last innocent year, America in 1964: the beginning of the "sixties".,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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The last innocent year, America in 1964: the beginning of the "sixties".


Margolis, Jon


Program air date: June 27, 1999


Begins the day after the Kennedy assassination & leads up to Lyndon Johnson's defeat of Barry Goldwater a year later. A former political reporter for the "Chicago Tribune" remembers the year John Kennedy was killed, Lyndon Johnson began the Great Society, young men started burning their draft cards, blacks burned whole neighborhoods, women began wondering if they were being oppressed, Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, and three civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi.


"Nineteen sixty-four, A.D."


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