Another life: a memoir of other people.



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Notes on front endpapers and flysheet: Jesse Jackson p 483. Irving Lazar. How past is the thinking--p 197 writers know hard part writing. Bob Gottleib--turned editors job into a glamorous one. Cerf sells Random to RCA. Shimkin sells S&S to Gulf & Western. Left Oxford in 1956. Spent 2 years in Royal Air Force in Germany--intelligence. Graham Green a mentor? Fluent in Russian. 1941-1946 lived in U.S. school in Switz--Le Rosey. Spent in Hungary-in middle of Hungarian revolution. 1957-Returned to New York a natural speed reader. Mon. 3 p.m. Jun 7. 1960s Random House goes public. Sells to RC p 104. Claus Von Bulow and Andrew Reynolds p 493. Why did you have Random House publish your Book? Prostate cancer in 1994. Octavius Musgrove--my grandfather--Parkinson's. [Publishing is a “reactive business”--don't set tastes (political) marketplace decides p 201. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin/Wilkie's One World. Liberals--Shuster and Cerf/vote Democratic/Alger Hiss/blacks/women/Vietnam.] You say you have a lack of interest in politics p 364. Obst--$50,000. Woodward and Bernstein's All the President's men. Our offices were bugged by God knows what government agencies. John Dean/Mo Dean/ John Eichmann/ John Mitchell. Two books printed for everyone sold p 400. Marriage to Casey (1973) falls apart I had an affair with Margaret Glinn/married her eventually 403. New York Times reviewers p 288. Bob Gottleib goes to Knopf--I felt hurt he didn't take me with him. Why do you publish your book at Random. Dick Snyder--who was he? Reagan--Cookie story, Jane Wyman. Jesse Jackson--Ben Stein, Nixon, Claus Von Bulow, Woodward & Bernstein, Jimmy Carter p 462, Graham Greene 311. Returns policy. Jacqueline Susann, The Love Machine. P272 Mid 30s success is “heady stuff.” Before one's lifestyle makes success necessary. Graham Green--first met--I was 15, 1948. Uncle Alex's yacht--Pamela and Randolph Churchill. I decided I want to be a writer. Hated Third Man Theme--took me to a brothel in Nice/wrote 500 words at a time. Had been a communist at Oxford. A Catholic--married having an affair w a married woman. Father Vincent-art director for 2 movie--GG loved his company--sat for hours at dinner w a married woman. Loved his company--sat for hours at dinner in silence. FBI file--nothing there--he was disappointed, went back to Viking--no Nobel Prize. Watergate publishers--John Dean/Maureen Dean/John Eichman/John Mitchell/Woodward/Bern. David Obst. Irving “Swifty” Lazar--p 177 30 years as a friend. Notes/Underlinings: Korda's family, early life, education, adventures in Hungary, job with Sidney Kingsley, start in publishing world, details on people like Henry/Richard Simon, Max Shuster, Will & Ariel Durant, Harold Robbins, Irving Wallace, Truman Capote, Bob Gottlieb, Ronnie Delderfield, Larry McMurtry, Graham Greene, William F. Buckley, Jr., Barry Diller, Joan and Jackie Collins, Richard Nixon, publishers, publishing, editors, 60s social change, Vietnam. Details on sales/mergers of publishing houses. Whittaker Chambers's Witness, Reagan, Kitty Kelley.


Korda, Michael, “Another life: a memoir of other people.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed November 29, 2022,


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Another life: a memoir of other people.


Korda, Michael


Program air date: July 11, 1999


The editor of Simon & Schuster recalls the greats of the publishing industry and famous writers, politicians, and actors he has encountered.


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