You got to dance with them what brung you : politics in the Clinton years.



Transcription of Annotations

Notes on front endpapers, and half-title: Lubbock 194. Bubba, Berkley-105. O.J. my last column (55) June 21, 1994. Katha Pollitt. Haters-8. “Actually I like politicians” (intro). Clinton as Chauncey (xvi) Gardiner. Good Guys Jim Hightower. Bad: Phil Graham, Tom Delay. Dick Army, Bill Archer, Henry Kissinger. Bob Bullock-p 214. Invocation to Texas Senators p 198. 70 columns. Journalism teacher UC Berkley. Texas Observer p. 38. East Texas and Ann Richards--queen p 211. Impersonating the Lord--191-good humor. [Americans--p 77 Happy 4th another 4th column p 80] Elvis funeral and obit (83) “oeuvre” p 92. O.J. p 54--last time I wrote about it June 21, 1994. Clinton-most skilled politician I've ever watched work (173). Gingrich--a political sociopath 152. Pat Buchanan- p 115. Media concentration p (39). Murdoch. Si Newhouse--35. Whomperjawed-29, slime balls-34, Good on ya p-213, gummite, bidness, sumbitch, sneaks 160, nuthatch 154, gazooneys, puhleeze, the Lege, anger p 71. Cynicism (60), greed, lying. Sammilu Williamson Evans (221), Dick Nixon 224, Clif Olafson 227, Barbara Jordan 231, Jessica Mitford Romilly Treuhaft 234, Raff Yarborough 239, Margaret Milne Ivins 242. Mean as hell with hide off conservatives 232. “Blow dried, priggish goody two-shoes suburban bores” today's politicians 218. Anyone who doesn't make enemies in office isn't worth spit 212. I am the “world's leading authority on blue billed, wall eyed, lithium deprived Texas lunatics” 206. God, gays and guns are always good for some excitement. 198. Republican words to describe opponents-sick, pathetic, traitor, welfare, crises, ideological, cheat steal insecure, bizarre, permissive, anti (issue) and radical. On contents pages, Lamb circles section headings and checks the article titles; at the bottom of each page he tallies the number of articles. Notes/Underlinings: Notes: “Best speech,” “Clinton moral dwarf,” “dust bunny,” “welfare reform,” “Gov't a hammer,” “money, legalized bribery,” “shift of tax burden,” “I like politicians,” “OK bombing,” “WACO,” “hate speech is fertilizer for bombs,” “college kids,” “Holocaust,” “Turner Diaries,” “the media on welfare,” “shit flows downhill,” “arms subsidies,” “Obvious pay-off,” “taxpayers underwrite half of arms exports,” “Boeing's merger,” “journalism,” “media concentration,” “Chrysler Corp,” “It can't be done,” “Ben Barnes,” “duke-out,” “Observer goal,” “words,” “Deists,” “television,” “cynicism,” “Lies,” “journalism,” “mother comments,” “I covered Elvis' funeral,” “Heidi Fleiss,” “skater on skater violence,” “an intellectual,” “whitest of places,” “Santa Fe politics,” “legislature,” “Frank Murkowski,” “hobbits,” “Year 2000 problem,” “West Texas legislator v. East Texas leg.,” “special interests,” “dog,” “Bubba,” “Susan Smith,” “Newt and beach volleyball--poor schnerks,” “Fred Thompson,” “Clinton-most skilled politician I've ever watched work,” “kicking ass,” “Paula Jones,” “25 workers died in fire,” “Texas into Shakespeare,” “geeks,” “Invocation to Texas Senators,” “good stories,” “politics in this country,” “greed,” “Republic of Texas,” “Bubba,” “Bob Bullock,” “drinking stories,” “car,” “Blacks,” “no ideology,” “P.I.C.,” “Sam Evans,” “Dick Nixon,” “Clif Olafson,” “saved $10,000,” “gay,” “Barbara Jordan,” “Jessica Mitford,” “Ralph Yarborough,” “Lyndon Johnson who worked for oil companies,” “Smith.” Underlinings: career, writings about politicians, government, wealth, race, Timothy McVeigh, campaign finance, corporations, media, fundamentalists, tolerance, Robert McNamara, Vietnam, America, Pat Buchanan, Phil Gramm, Rush Limbaugh.


Ivins, Molly, “You got to dance with them what brung you : politics in the Clinton years.,” One Book. One Author. One Hour., accessed December 6, 2022,


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You got to dance with them what brung you : politics in the Clinton years.


Ivins, Molly


Program air date: April 26, 1998


Contains a collection of columns from the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram" in which Molly Ivins offers her unique take on politics during the Clinton years.


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Gift of Brian Lamb, 2011.


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